▷ Top 10 Digital Marketing Books You Must Read!

▷ Top 10 Digital Marketing Books You Must Read!

Information and training about digital marketing is necessary for both beginners and experienced traders who want to increase their sales and develop their business. Among the many solutions on the market, reading remains one of the most interesting for taking advantage of structured learning. To help you out, here are the 10 most relevant digital marketing books…

In this 320-page book, authors Julien Lamouret, Alexia Kuperman and Sonia Bennacer help you set up an effective communication strategy thanks to a better knowledge of the techniques and specific elements of web marketing.

Training Creation and development of training activities

In Éditions Vuibert, you will learn more about:

  • The best impactful and coherent digital strategy to implement;
  • Digital performance and the appropriate method for its evaluation;
  • Techniques to adopt in order to be present and improve your visibility on social networks;
  • Mobile marketing, generational marketing, CSR, etc.;
  • Actions and tips to remember to quickly acquire and convert prospects;
  • Website development and techniques to follow to improve your references and your visibility.

Since it is not always easy for beginners to understand the jargon used in digital marketing, Marie-Alice Boyé published in 2019 “Digital Marketing for Dummies in 50 Key Concepts”. Specializing in digital marketing for more than 15 years, the author is especially known for his collection “For Dummies” which is among the best books in all fields. In order to adapt to the new demands of the market, this world-renowned trainer company publishes new editions regularly.

Thanks to this book, you can adopt 50 basic concepts to know the different techniques, actions to take and channels you can use to succeed in your campaigns. You can deepen your knowledge by supplementing it with other books from the “for dummies” collection.

Taking care of your web content is key to optimizing your SEO positioning and succeeding in your digital marketing strategy. Through this book, you will know how to improve the quality of your web articles by decoding some brain mechanisms. The techniques revealed will be convenient for you to encourage visitors to fill out a form or to seduce them and make them appreciate your website. By optimizing the way you write, you increase your chances of being visible on the first pages of search engines. At the same time, you will also increase your sales.

This 250-page book includes eight sections on how to stimulate the six poles of the brain to stimulate action, awaken emotion and especially empathy.

“These Ideas That Stick” was written by Dan Heath, a speaker and author, and his brother Chip Heath, a professor of organizational behavior at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

In this book, the authors point out that simplicity is one of the essential criteria for the success of your digital marketing strategy. According to them, an idea becomes memorable when it tells a story, conveys an emotion, is convincing, concrete, unexpected and simple.

At once funny, revealing and provocative, this book helps you to better understand the importance of an idea.

In order to convince a potential client to buy your services or products, you need to seduce them with effective storytelling. This book walks you through the steps to get there. Before you write it, find the background and flow of the story and come up with a captivating title that will grab the attention of your readers. To motivate them to take action, all you need to do is insert a subtle business approach into the story.

This 158-page book, published by Éditions Dixit, is written by Blake Snyder, a screenwriting consultant who teaches screenwriting and story structuring.

Written by Grégoire de Montaigu, Renaud Vaillant, Willy Fontugne and François Scheid, this 290-page book presents the concepts and terms used in digital marketing. You will also learn more about SEA, SEO and the different tools and strategies you can use to adopt the best strategy for your website.

This book will help you analyze trends and data that can be used online.

Growth marketing aims to capture attention, retain prospects and customers throughout their purchase journey. Through this 224-page book by Éditions Eyrolles, written by Romain Saillant and Yann Leonardi, you will discover this popular marketing strategy in different sectors of activity and learn more about the AARRR (Acquisition, Activation, Retain, Recommendation and Revenue) model.

Digital Marketing 2020, a book written by Nicolas Deroualle, summarizes in 7 chapters all the techniques you need to know about e-marketing. You will retain relevant expert advice on digital issues and on the methods to be followed to implement innovative campaigns.

Ideal for beginners, this 500-page book guides you step-by-step through what you need to do from prospecting to implementing different strategies.

This 296 page book is written by Christophe Menani. It lists the various tools and actions that need to be taken to adapt to the market, offer and context. This book also reveals pitfalls to avoid and steps to follow to convert your prospects into customers.

With the rise of digital, businesses now need to have a presence on the web to sell their services and products. In this 132-page book, Marion Giroudon reveals the different channels and techniques you can use to optimize your online presence: social networks, SEO, communication with potential customers and clients, traffic analysis, etc.


Don’t hesitate to educate yourself on this topic. This certified webmarketing training course will enable you to set up an effective web marketing strategy. It qualifies for CPF and allows you to prepare for our “Developing your activity with webmarketing” certification.

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