1. Viva for the book of the Bonvoyage family from Florennes

1. Viva for the book of the Bonvoyage family from Florennes

Each book sold brought €1 to Viva for Life. After this action, they wanted to set the bar higher to further support the Vivacité project for the benefit of disadvantaged children.

Bertrand, can you explain your project to us?

In order to stay within the framework of the topic dear to us, we decided to organize a book fair whose profits will be donated in full to Viva for Life. This is in collaboration with the primary school of Saint-Joseph and Sainte-Thérèse, which makes available its infrastructure and invests in our adventure,

Who will be present at this event?

David Lallemand Pesleux, author, journalist and Deputy High Representative for Children’s Rights, will sponsor this first edition. He will be supported in this by Anouchka Sikorski, who rocked our childhood at the head of Citron Grenadine, La Bande à Grobo and Chocolat Show. They will present their books with a large panel of about sixty authors and publishers, including Fred Waseige, Dominique Delescaille, Manon Terwagne and many others. Jean-Claude Van Cauwenberghe will accompany the author and journalist Didier Albin for questions and answers about their recently published book.

What activities does Viva for Life support?

Most of the proceeds will come from the sale of the bar and snacks, from sponsors such as Domaine des Grottes de Han, SparkHo, the Belgian Comic Center which offers us tickets, Éditions Dupuis which offers us 20 comics or Butcher Le Limousin de Gerpinnes which offers us 150 dry sausages . Donations are possible and the draw will allow you to win: 2 Han passes to Domaine des Grottes de Han, 1 family pass (visit + meal) offered by SparkHo, 2 x 1 family pass offered by the Belgian Comic Center, 1 lot of 20 comics offered by Éditions Dupuis, 1 participation in the outdoor escape game La Cryptide de la Plate Taille offered by Charlerooms, 1 essential oil diffuser offered by Expert, articles autographed by Eden Hazard,…..

The expected audience is mostly family?

Animations for young and old and the presence of St. Nicholas are really on the program, readings, songs, puppets for children, questions and answers with authors, conference, stories for adults, more than 50 authors to discover.

The fair takes place at the Château School, where reading is at the heart of the educational project. It offers a spacious environment and has a large parking capacity.

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