10 MCU Characters Who Could Have Effortlessly Stopped Thanos

10 MCU Characters Who Could Have Effortlessly Stopped Thanos

If Thanos destroyed everything in his path in Avengers: Infinity Warcertain characters, certain superheroes could have intervened to stop the madness of the Titan. Yet they did nothing, and watched the world go up in flames before their eyes. For information, the villains have obviously been left out of this list. Here are 10 heroes or communities of characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) who could have stepped in to stop Thanos before he was in possession of the Infinity Stones.

Kang the Conqueror

Even though Kang will be the big bad of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and the next two parts of the saga Avengers, in the series Loki, the character played by Jonathan Majors is not not specifically a supervillain. He acts more like an anti-hero away from the adventures of human beings. He is the one who knows everything, the one who waits at the end of time. However, at the end of the series Loki, he is murdered by Sylviewhich endangers the entire temporal continuum.

One thing is certain though, Kang possesses enough power to beat Thanos (at least in the comics). However, the know-it-all preferred to stay away from Infinity War. The VAT has indeed protected it against all wanderings that concerned Earth and the Avengers. Still, TVA had to know Thanos’ plan perfectly, and Kang could have prevented all this genocide with the snap of a finger (no pun intended). But he preferred to refrain from intervening so as not to unbalance the temporal continuum. What must be is!

The Eternals

Introduced into the MCU on the occasion of ChloĆ© Zhao’s film, The Eternals have been on planet Earth since the dawn of time.. They have trodden our blue planet for millennia and only interfere in the affairs of men on very rare occasions. In fact, their sole purpose is to protect humanity from the Deviants. The rest does not concern them. We learn in the feature film that the Eternals have been practically useless for centuries since the Deviants have completely disappeared, before their big return in ChloĆ© Zhao’s film.

Since these mighty heroes haven’t been particularly busy in recent years, they totally could have intervened when Thanos jeopardized planet Earth. But since this threat did not concern them, they preferred to close their eyes and let the Avengers manage this threat. Not all that nice…

The Celestials

These immense cosmic creatures have largely the power needed to put an end to Thanos’ actions in the blink of an eye. Yet the Celestials, whose intentions are not yet fully clear, preferred to stay away from Thanos’ quest. While they’ve been eyeing Earth for some time now, the Celestials haven’t moved a finger to help humanity.

The Living Court

These three cosmic beings are introduced in the series Loki. Led by The One Above All, the Living Tribunal is an organization of three divine beings who rule the multiverse. The Living Tribunal has the power to destroy planets and defeat beings as powerful as the Celestials without much difficulty. In the series Loki, these beings are ultimately robotic creations of TVA to protect Kang from the curious. They are therefore not really present in the show. But their existence has since been confirmed in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Thus, The Living Tribunal could have totally prevent Thanos snap without any difficulty, and thus protect the multiverse from the consequences of this fury of the Mad Titan against the Earth. However, the three friends preferred to close their eyes, and no doubt underestimated the threat of Thanos.

Captain Marvel

But what was Captain Marvel doing during Avengers: Infinity War ? The mighty Kree certainly couldn’t have defeated Thanos with his six Infinity Stones. But if the fire warrior had intervened before Thanos was in possession of the gems, she would surely have given him a big beating. His cosmic strength is far greater than that of Thanos in the MCU. However, Nick Fury reacted too lateand sent a distress message to Carole Danvers far too late. Shame.


There’s a side to the Jade Giant that has never been tapped by Marvel Studios. In fact, in the comics, when Hulk goes into a mad rage, his strength is increased tenfold. When he is angry, Hulk is the most physically powerful character in the entire Marvel Universe.. Evidenced by the excellent comics world war hulkWhere the giant wins a single combat against the incomparable Sentry. But the MCU preferred to take Hulk to other horizons. The firm left aside his unique rage and immeasurable strength to develop another side of the character, much less exciting, that of Smart Hulk. However, one on one, Hulk is much more powerful than Thanos (without the infinity stones of course).

Zeus and the other gods of Olympus

Thor: Love and Thunder introduced new characters to the MCU. Indeed, Taika Waititi’s film finally tackles the gods of olympus. In the feature film, Odinson travels to Omnipotence City, a fictional, magical city where all the Gods of Creation regularly meet. It thus crosses, in particular, the road of Zeus (Russell Crowe).

It would have taken a tiny fraction of the gods of Omnipotence City to stop Thanos without too much trouble. But these deities, full of themselves and too far from the peregrinations of humans, preferred to continue to live in their glass castle than to intervene to save humanity from the madness of Thanos.

The Guardian

Introduced in the series What if… ?, Uatu, also called The Guardian, is a cosmic being of immense power. Its purpose is observe and record all events that occur in our galaxy. Member of the Guardians, Uatu has sworn never to meddle in the fate of humans. He took an oath: to observe everything that happens without ever intervening. So he was most definitely present during the Infinity War.

However, in the comics, Uatu sometimes intervenes on very rare occasions. He has the right to three exceptions in his entire existence to help humans. This is what he does in What if… ? where he decides to move to stop Ultron, in possession of the Infinity Stones. He directly fights the artificial intelligence created by Tony Stark, and even decides to bring together the Guardians of the Multiverse to face this abomination. So he could also have come forward against Thanos, but he didn’t do anything…


Yes, we know Odin finds death in Thor: Ragnarok. But Thanos showed up long before the All Seeing One died. Since the first avengers and Guardians of the GalaxyThanos began to put in place his plan to lead to Avengers: Infinity War. Odin most certainly knew of the Mad Titan’s existence. and his Machiavellian plan. Especially since Loki was, for a time, under Thanos’ orders. After all, Odin is the all-seeing one.

The King of Asgard could therefore have thwarted Thanos from the start, helped by his Asgardian warriors. But Odin preferred to close his eyestoo taken up by the futile little disputes of his two sons, and too stuck on the peregrinations of his Nine Kingdoms. Then, when the Ragnarok arrived, Odin was too old and weakened to attempt anything against the purple giant.

Scarlet Witch

So yes, The Scarlet Witch has faced Thanos twice. The first time in Avengers: Infinity War. And even if she stands up to her, the Mad Titan was already in possession of 5 of the 6 Infinity Stones. The fight was too unbalanced so Wanda can win. Then, she confronts him Avengers: Endgame. And the magician almost killed him. Thanos got away with a low blow.

But as the movie shows Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessif The Scarlet Witch had let her power speak on the battlefield of End of Game, she would have made short work of the alien. But the young woman missed the opportunity to destroy Thanos…

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