1:15 p.m., Saturday … – In trouble streaming – Replay France 2

1:15 p.m., Saturday … – In trouble streaming – Replay France 2

While many bakers today say they are suffocated by the rise in the prices of raw materials and energy, “1:15 p.m. on Saturday” met two of them, two enthusiasts who tell their story.

The baguette, a symbol of French gastronomy throughout the world, was listed as an intangible heritage by Unesco in November 2022. However, this emblem of national cultural heritage is a victim of the crisis, with soaring raw material prices. and energy. Today, an entire profession is weakened and is wondering about its future.

In this report by Vincent Fichmann, Jean-Baptiste Jacquet, Guillaume Salasca and Mathilde Rougeron, “1:15 p.m. on Saturday” went to meet two bakers, to tell two stories of enthusiasts.

For Mégane and Anthony, the adventure began in 2017, when the young baker convinced his companion to embark on an adventure: it was a question of taking over the bakery in which, as a young apprentice, he learned everything. After a few good years, they are now in turmoil and trying to cope.

In Burgundy, Jérôme traces his furrow far from the crisis. Ancient flours, bread cooked over a wood fire and work that respects the land and the people who live there. Bread as before which has found its audience and which could, for some, represent the future.

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