150 years of history to discover in Dominique Mattei’s book

150 years of history to discover in Dominique Mattei’s book

The idea for this book came from Armella Sialelli, who with her husband Dominique successfully runs the Pietra brewery, now a shareholder of LN Mattei.

Dominique Mattei (no relation to Louis Napoléon Mattei) happily holds the pen, tracing back the epic of the LN Mattei company from its inception in 1872 to the present day. And through this saga, we are offered a whole part of Corsica’s industrial history. It all started in 1872. Louis-Napoleon Mattei, born in Ersa in 1849, grew up in a sailor’s family between his village and Bastia. At the age of twenty, he opened a business in Bastia, rue des Terrasses. He sells coffee, alcohol, tobacco, kerosene for lamps… At the age of 23, he enters a distillery and uses a local product: lemon. Cedratine was born. Success allowed him to invest: vineyards, oak plantations for corks… Then he developed an entire distribution network, opened new stores, including the one on St-Nicolas square, today included in the inventory of historical monuments. His creations are lined up: old Kirsch, mandarin liqueur, crème de menthe and in 1894 the one that will make him famous throughout the world: Cap Corse, an aperitif made of mistelle, grape juice whose fermentation is stopped by the addition of alcohol, cinchona and an aromatic plant. However, that flow will not be a long, calm river, marked by economic crises, storms that society will have to go through, fight and, luckily, overcome.

Today, Cap Corse Mattei and the company’s other products are consumed abroad and the brand is making a complete recovery, including among the young crowd, especially thanks to its cocktails such as the Capo Spritz. Cocktail recipes that appear in addition to the digestif, at the end of the book, as well as a genealogical tree of the Mattei family and a useful Primerica.

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