“1984”, “One Piece”, “The Stranger” and “Harry Potter” are among the 25 favorite books of the French

“1984”, “One Piece”, “The Stranger” and “Harry Potter” are among the 25 favorite books of the French

As part of its Favorite Book of the French program, France Télévisions is announcing this Wednesday a list of 25 works chosen by the audience that will make up the program’s winners.

Manga, fantasy novels, thrillers… As part of its program The favorite book of the French, This Wednesday, France Télévisions publishes a list of the 25 most acclaimed works that will make up the program’s winners.

In this selection, reports the journalist 20 minutes Fabien Randanne, we find especially manga One piece, dragon ball or Attack of the Titans or French novels such as poor from victor hugo or Changing the water for flowers by Valerie Perrin.

Also part of the classification of fantastic works such as Harry Potter by JK Rowling or Lord of the Rings Tolkien but also foreign works such as Hurricane Heights Emilie Brontë or Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen.

A special evening on December 15

Launched last April, this selection took place during two main phases of spontaneous online consultation. French men and women of all ages are invited to vote for their favorite book, without a predetermined list.

As stated by France Télévisions in a press release, this operation “exposed all literature and gave a voice to all readers, all generations together”.

The ranking of these 25 books will be presented on December 15 on France 2, during a special broadcast hosted by Camille Diao and Michel Field. At the end of the evening, punctuated by the presence of numerous guests (Juliette Binoche, Gérard Lanvin, Camille Lellouche, Ibrahim Maalouf, Vincent Delerm, Brigitte Giraud), the favorite book of the French will be revealed.

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