3 books to read!

3 books to read!

Most meeting organizers are self-taught. They learned the art and science of bringing people together by doing, reading and asking questions. To help you do that, we discover 3 new books or recently updated books on topics related to meetings. Let’s go!

Doug Binder, Gather : The Business of Coming Together

This book, published in February, goes to the heart of meeting ideas. In this book, InVision Communications Senior Creative Director Binder shares his ideas for create more attractive and fulfilling events. And by using experiential design, collaboration and storytelling.

“By elevating staff to corporate status, we can meet the innate needs of our audience and see them as passionate, complicated and valuable; they are more than just homogeneous data points. “. You can find this interesting excerpt in the book.

Deana Brown Mitchell, Shower Geniuses: How Self-Care, Creativity, and Sanity Will Change Your Life Personally and Professionally

Published in October, this book written by the founder and CEO of Realize Colorado DMC shares her personal story anda framework that helps people stand out. Deana Brown Mitchell’s life is dominated by the relentless demands and stresses of event management and business management.

At the moment when the Covid pandemic crippled her work, she was already thinking about significant changes in her life. So in August 2020, Realize Colorado closed its doors. But she opened Genius and Sanity, a consulting firm that helps people find balance between work and private life.

Bruno Marx, The Event Security Book: The Ultimate Guide to Event Security

Bruno Marx just published the third edition in July The Event Security Book: The Ultimate Guide to Event Security. Then he adds more content on incident management, crisis communication and food safety. You’ll also find his capacity calculation formulas, incident procedures, and space safety assessment tools. A must read book if you want to successfully organize your event while managing and minimizing security risks.

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