4 fantastic novels that you will put under the pine tree in 2022

4 fantastic novels that you will put under the pine tree in 2022

What fantastic books to offer for Christmas 2022? Here’s our pick made with a little magic bow.

When the magic of Christmas is mixed with the magic of fantastic literature, we open even more doors to wonderful worlds. How about shoving fantasy novels under a pine tree? Here are 4 novels of that genre, published in 2022, that will perfectly fill this role.

Stranger in London (Sofia Samatar)

Translation by Patrick Dechesne // Source: Argyll

Sofija Samatar’s novel is a real treasure: it is not only at the top of the fantasy basket, but also a great ode to books. It all starts with a journey: Jevick has to take over his father’s job, which forces him to sail to a distant land, Olondre and the city of Bain.

Bookstores and libraries are part of the landscape as in the dream of every book-loving reader. But it is not a utopia: the arrival of the “angel” will push Jevick into religious tensions and… mysteries of a somewhat dark fantasy reality.

Sofija Samatar’s gentle and wavy pen will conquer every lover of books and magic.

Sailors don’t know how to swim (Dominique Scali)

Source: La Peuplade
Source: La Peuplade

Directed by the island of Ys, in the 18th, in the middle of the Atlantic, in this novel that plays with literary genres. Under the pen of Dominique Scali, the magic is expressed more in context, where the island of Ys exists well without being swallowed up (while Ys is a Breton legend and has the same fate as Atlantis).

Sailors can’t swim is political as much as it is ecological and mystical. Social structures, the place of nature, the role of belief: the author immerses us in all layers of Ys society. For a novel with a fairly maritime geography, it is very earthy because of the strong materiality in the pen. Added to this is a contemplative dimension, almost aesthetic, very strong.

This novel by Dominique Scali was a very nice surprise in 2022.

The Long Journey (Claire Duvivier)

Source: Paperback
Source: Paperback

A long journeyIt is the A French fantasy novel that shook up the genre in France.

Claire Duvivier’s work has built buzz since its publication in 2020 to win over a wider audience. Since then, the author has established herself as a great figure. All his talent lies in the fact that he played with the codes of fantasy and travel writing. Magic, in the fantastic sense, is very discreet, yet crucial. A long journey first of all is the story of oa poetic political intersection.

If you have always wanted to introduce your loved ones to the work of Claire Duvivier, editionA long journey on Paperback 2022 can give you a boost.

She Who Became the Sun (Shelley Parker-Chan)

Translated by Louise Malagoli // Source: Bragelonne
Translated by Louise Malagoli // Source: Bragelonne

She who became the Sun he was a favorite of our journalist Aurora Gayte on the fantasy side, this 2022.

This novel by Shelley Parker-Chan, published in France by Bragelonne, re-examines the history of China and the Ming Dynasty in the 14th century, in a chronic manner, adding a protagonist: Zhu. His brother was foretold by an oracle of great destiny… a brother who dies a few days later. Zhu will then take his own destiny into his own hands and take his brother’s place.

And, the magic in it all? It’s there in the little touches. It’s also a queer fantasy that, still rarely, highlights a story set in Asia.

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