5 comics and graphic novels to read alongside the Angoulême festival

5 comics and graphic novels to read alongside the Angoulême festival

In the rapidly growing comics market, here is a selection of titles selected in Angoulême that caught our attention.

While the Grand Prix will be presented on January 25, the festival is an opportunity to take a closer look at the rich French and international production of graphic novels and comics.

above the odysseyJason (Atrabile / official selection)

Taken from the album Above the Odyssey, from Jason.©Atrabile/Jason, 2023

We discovered Jason’s naked line at the very beginning of the 2000s Hold on ! : a story about two little boys with tragically intertwined destinies. Since then, the Norwegian established in France has released twenty albums and honed his humor. His last, above the odyssey, always minimalistic and steeped in cinematic and literary references, should be read on Atrabile.

Diary 1&2, Fabrice Neud (Delcourt / Heritage Selection)

Diary, Fabrice Neaud.©Ego as X

The main work of autobiography in comics, Magazine Fabrice Neud, born in 1968, evokes the everyday life of a young homosexual in France in the 1990s. Love passions, artistic creativity, homophobia, financial difficulties… The author, beyond the mirror of his own life, offers a political vision of society and his time. A fascinating document.

Povov, Lucie Bryon (Sarbacane / Youth Selection)

Thief is Lucie Bryon’s first graphic novel.© Voleuse, Lucie Bryon Sarbacane Editions, 2022

IN Thief, illustrator and author Lucie Bryon portrays Ella, a teenager, in a touching comedy that combines romance, lightness and social chronicle, with an aesthetic approach influenced by manga and cartoons. For reading from 14 years.

dirty, by Elizabeth Holleville (selection Glénat / Raja eco-fouve)

Extract from dirty, d’Elizabeth Holleville.©Elizabeth Holleville/Glénat

After phantom summer, published in 2018 already in Glénat, signed by Elizabeth Holleville Dirty : two teenagers encounter a man with a disfigured face during a night out. Why is this former employee of a major local company living in seclusion? Between Thing John Carpenter etc black hole de Charles Burns, Dirty it is a sometimes disturbing, sometimes humorous thriller.

Lost Lad London, by Shima Shinya (Ki-oon/SNCF Polar Choice)

Lost Lad London, de Shima Shinya.©Shima Shinya/Ki-oon

It can be dangerous to ride the tube in London. Especially when you get on the train where the mayor was killed and find yourself with a bloody knife in your pocket… Lost Lad Londonthe Japanese author decided to develop the plot of her urban thriller – with cinematic cuts – in London, where she studied and partly developed her art.

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