5 French sci-fi comics for this Christmas 2022

5 French sci-fi comics for this Christmas 2022

These 5 SF comics, from French breeding and published in 2022, are perfect for a nice Christmas gift.

French comics are also a creative hotbed of science fiction. Many creators shine with a certain brilliance in this field. It is precisely for this reason that Numerama is even more so partner of the first French award for SF comics.

In order to further emphasize this art, we have selected some of our greatest favorites among the selected comics – the ones that we most recommend putting under the Christmas tree.


Source: Dargaud

It has everything you need renaissance, for the iconic futuristic universe. Aliens (Mammals Intelligence Federation) coming to Earth to save humanity from destruction, plenty of personal plots within the main story, well-built characters, aesthetically beautiful design: Fred Duval, Fred Blanchard and Emem came up with a real gem. In addition, there are five volumes (the last one is published in 2022) which clearly prevents any frustration.

renaissance is at the top of the basket of French science fiction, all genres and all formats combined.

T5 is a finalist for the 2022 SF Comics Award.

what we are

Source: Rue de Sevres
Source: Rue de Sevres

You know Zep (Philippe Chappuis) ​​especially for Titeuf, but we also owe him a lot of very successful shots. what we are is one of his best creations. In the near future, people will be born with a second, digital brain. Therefore, it is easy to acquire knowledge or experience extraordinary virtual experiences. But, Constant wakes up one day, dazed, in the middle of the forest, with no memory… without his second brain. He meets Hazel, a “marginal girl”.

The drawings are as refined as they are superb, the dialogues are well written, the story is fascinating and has many interesting philosophical layers. Carried by a very cinematic staging, this new Zep comic was a total success.

Bolshoi Arena

Source: Delcourt
Source: Delcourt

In this work, which is halfway between comics and manga, you can be whatever you want, anywhere in the universe, by downloading yourself into the virtual world. Obviously, this brings political and ethical issues. Bolshoi Arena manages to mix existential themes with action.

Aseyn’s drawings and stagings have finesse as much as expressiveness, while Boulet’s screenplay shows intelligence.

Boulet and Aseyn published three volumes for Bolshoi Arenain Delcourt.

Le T3 is a finalist for the SF Comics Prize 2022.

Deer of the Moon

Source: Bubble
Source: Bubble

Deer of the Moon is an extraordinary creative object. First, by its method of creation: it is almost an independent comic, financed by the very young Bubble Éditions in a participatory way (which is therefore limited distribution in French shops, unfortunately). Following, Deer of the Moon is a unique comic. We discover a small deer, the last of its kind, traveling through space to protect an egg, while being pursued by a strange huntress.

Most comics are silent, then only the drawings and their sublime color carry us. Until… the surprising end.

This comic is a finalist for the Prix de la BD de SF 2022.


Source: Glénat
Source: Glénat

Ecology is also part of it, thanks to Elizabeth Holleville’s comics, where we find a company mining radioactive minerals… whose activities will have very unfortunate consequences.

Although the plot is relatively classic, the author manages to very intelligently connect social and environmental issues. Added to this is a little thriller side, with a gang of teenagers Stranger Things, which highlights comics well. There is a hint of horror.

It should also be noted that the Glénat editions made it a very nice item!

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