5 horror films banned for those under 18 to see on the platform

5 horror films banned for those under 18 to see on the platform

Netflix doesn’t just host light series and romantic comedies. The streaming platform also hosts lots of horror movieswhich does not displease lovers of great thrills. If you have already watched the series The Cabinet of Curiosities of Guillermo del Toroand seen or reviewed it 2 which has again earned a place in the top of the most viewed films of the moment, you are certainly looking for other scary projects to put your teeth into. That’s good, the streaming giant is home to 5 horror films banned for those under 18reserved for the most informed public. What’s Netflix’s scariest horror movie? We don’t make you wait any longer, here’s something to offer you a good dose of stress and dread!

What horror movie to watch on Netflix? Mirrors, Alexandre Aja’s creepy thriller

Mirrorsit’s a horror-thriller signed by the French Alexandre Aja (The hills Have Eyes). If it was banned for children under 12 when it was released in theaters in 2008, Netflix decided to ban it for minors because of its violent scenes. The feature film particularly follows a former cop, forced to resign from his job after an accident that cost the life of his partner. He now works as a night watchman in a burned down and abandoned department store. Only a few mirrors survived the flames. He realizes that they are hiding a horrible secret that threatens him and his family. Mirrors contains sequences of satanic rites and anchors its plot in the supernatural. On the casting side, the film is carried by Kiefer Sutherland and Paula Pattonwith also the late Cameron Boyce in a secondary role.

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Hostel Chapter IIthe vacation from hell that will make Netflix subscribers tremble

Forbidden to children under 16 when it was released in theaters in 2007, the second part of the trilogy signed Eli Roth gives pride of place to women. Beth (played by Lauren German seen in Lucifer), Lorna and Whitney, three young Americans, are thinking of spending a dream holiday in Europe. Everything is going well until she meets a gorgeous woman who immediately puts them at ease. This one proposes to make them discover for a weekend a establishment of cure where they will be able to rest and have fun. Attracted by this offer, the three young women follow her and fall into her trap. Delivered to rich customers associating horror with pleasure, the three young women will live an absolute nightmare… After Hostel Chapter IIknow that the third installment is also available on Netflix.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the 2022 version of a cult film

The Chainsaw Massacre by David Blue Garcia, released in 2022, offers a sequel to the series of films broadcast between the 70s and 80s. The horror thriller available on Netflix focuses in particular on the sole survivor of the 1973 massacrestill traumatized by everything she’s been through but determined to take revenge. She will be helped by Melody, her teenage sister Lila and their friends Dante and Ruth, influencers who had moved to the small town of Harlow, Texas to start a new business. In all, the famous saga has no less than 9 films. Yes, it can keep you busy for a while…

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No one sleeps in the woods tonightthe horror from Poland

Released in 2020 exclusively on Netflix, this horror movie no one under 18 by Bartosz M. Kowalski follows a gang of tech-addicted teenagers. They were sent to a drug rehabilitation center in the forest where an evil power intends to disconnect them forever. For the record, this horror feature is one of the first slashers in Polish cinema. The film is followed by a sequel titled No one sleeps in the woods tonight II, also available on Netflix soon.

What is the best horror movie available on Netflix? 30 days of nightthe adaptation of a comic that will make you tremble

30 days of night by David Slade was released in 2008. Forbidden to children under 12 when it was released in theaters, it is now not recommended for minors by Netflix. The story of takes place in Alaska, within a period rather close to ours. In the heart of winter, the inhabitants of the peaceful town of Barrow are preparing to spend, like every year, a month without sunshine. Following a series of strange events, Eben and Stella, the two local sheriffs, will discover the incredible truth. A gang of vampires have invaded the city to eradicate it from all its inhabitants. Eben, Stella and a small group of survivors will then try to survive until dawn…

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