50 Cent treats his rappers better than Jay-Z

50 Cent treats his rappers better than Jay-Z

Tony Yayo is certain: his longtime friend 50 Cent treats his artists much better than Jay-Z. And from his point of view, there is not even any debate.

Tony Yayo slips an S/O to 50 Cent

Interviewed by the media It’s 50, His spoke about the many opportunities still and always presenting themselves to him, allowing him to continue to perform on stage in the four corners of the world. And this even if his career is now much more confidential than at a certain time. The veteran will thank 50 Cent for giving him such an opportunity: “That’s why I respect him, because he does more than support you. We’re with 50 Cent, so I knew it was going to be okay. He’s sold 11 million records, and I’m going to get a percentage of his fans back. It’s okay with me. […] He had deals with Jay-Z, but Jay-Z will never… I often tell others, Jay-Z is not going to treat you like Fifty does. »

This is not the first time that Yayo has praised the interpreter of Many men for his help and advice. Interviewed by Only Way Out Podcast last year, the ex-G-Unit thanked his former boss for saving him a lot of trouble at the start of his career: “There were like 14 guns on the tour bus, Bobby Shmurda and his n***** style. We lived that. You have to be smart, you have to have a n**** like Fif to help you survive a lot of hardships. ‘Cause he’s gonna be like, “Yo, if you gotta bring a gun, why are you coming with us?” Go party at my mansion, I’m not there. Go ahead, take my house. He’ll say, “You have a girl waiting for you in your room.” Don’t get a woman pregnant while we’re on tour, because I’m sick of seeing n*****s doing that. »

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