7 cookbooks to swallow

7 cookbooks to swallow

The beginning of the school year always brings us a lot of new things, and this also applies to books. from the kitchen. So, to whet your appetite, here are the ones we’re most looking forward to!

3 times a day: very simple – Marilou

Eight years after the publication of the first volume 3 times a day, Marilou doesn’t seem to have exhausted her culinary creativity, far from it. In this new opus, the fifth in a series, he offers us more than a hundred recipes that focus – you guessed it – on simplicity. Fewer ingredients, less time in the kitchen, but still promises so much flavor!

7 cookbooks to swallow

Available for pre-order, out September 13, Cardinal Editions, $39.95

My seasonal diaries: autumn-winter – Josée di Stasio

After spring and summer comes autumn, then winter. Nothing can be more logical, therefore, than after the consecration the first volume of his “season notebooks” in the mild seasons, Josée di Stasio now presents his best autumn and winter recipes. Baked dishes, stews, roasted chicken, homemade bread… comfort! Something that makes us (almost) look forward to cold weather and shorter days.

Released September 21, KO Editions, $39.95

Coffee: get to know it, brew it, enjoy it – Kareen Grondin and Didier Reolon

Espresso, latte, cappuccino, americano… There are a thousand and one ways to serve good coffee and just as many to enjoy it, obviously. In any case, there are at least 70 because this book offers so many recipes. Coffee-based or designed to pair perfectly with the caffeinated bean, the recipes come in the form of cakes and savory dishes (yes, yes) as well as syrups or condiments. As a bonus, the book is full of information to improve your knowledge of the subject.

Published October 13, Editions La Presse, $39.95

Mandy’s Good Table, 120 Comforting Healthy Recipes – Amanda Wolfe, Rebecca Wolfe and Meredith Erickson

Yes, salad can be comfort food. The Wolfe sisters have been proving this for years at their Mandy’s stores across Montreal. But according to the title of their new book, it’s not the only healthy and delicious recipe they know. If famous salads and vinaigrettes have an obvious place in Mandy’s good tablethere are also ideas for breakfast and inspiring sweet recipes.

Published September 22, Editions La Presse, $39.95

MiniMiniMenu – Jeanne Joly, Elizabeth Delage and Jens Ruoff

Cooking as a family is It’s fun! Even more so if you have a kid-friendly cookbook at hand, full of beautiful illustrations and with washable pages. Created in collaboration with chef Jens Ruoff (co-owner of Butterblume), MiniMiniMenu comes in three playful books – one for lunch, one for dinner and one for a picnic – all as colorful as each other.

Released September 2022, Éditions Cardinal, $24.95

Weekend at Lesley’s: my foodie get-together ideas – Lesley Chesterman

Enjoyed your previous visit At Lesley’s? You probably won’t regret spending the whole weekend there! In this second book, the pastry chef and food critic this time focuses on sharing her most gourmet recipes for snacks, aperitifs and big hungry tables. Exactly what was needed after two years of the pandemic to bring back the taste of income.

Released October 2022, Éditions Cardinal, $49.95

Climate: cuisine + wine according to the seasons – Jean-Sebastien Giguère and Hugo Duchesne

Notice for wine lovers and terroir lovers! Hugo Duchesne is for you (the best sommelier in Quebec 2020) and Jean-Sébastien Giguère (h3, Coureur des bois, The Runner’s Cabin) designed this book. Combining their strengths and expertise, they promise exceptional seasonal recipes and equally incredible food and wine pairings.

Published October 20, Editions La Presse, $44.95


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