7 years later, the director of The Revenant has still not digested these words from Robert Downey Jr

7 years later, the director of The Revenant has still not digested these words from Robert Downey Jr

Ever expanding, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will soon to begin its phase 5 at the beginning of next year. Phase 4 will have offered us some nice surprises such as Wanda Vision, Spider-Man: No Coming Home or What if…?. But the fans of the first hour, since the very first opus ofIron Man, released in 2008, can’t help but think back to Tony Stark, Captain America or even Natasha Romanoff. Avengers: Endgame indeed put an end to their adventures more than three years ago, giving way to new characters. But Robert Downey Jr, aka Iron Man, continues to haunt acclaimed filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu asThe ghost.

Controversial remarks in 2015

To put things in context, we need to back to 2014. It was a time when Phase 2 of the MCU was in full swing. While he was in the middle of a press tour for his film birdman, Alejandro González was asked to comment on superhero movies during an interview with Deadline. Cash, he replies that this kind of movies is a “cultural genocide”.

It’s poison because the audience is so exposed to the plot and the explosions and all that shit that it says nothing at all about the simple experience of being a human.

The following year, the interpreter of Iron Man was interviewed by a journalist from The Guardian. Just as cash, his remarks nevertheless aroused a little controversy at the time.

For a man whose native language is Spanish, being able to put words like “cultural genocide” together shows just how brilliant he is.

Controversial remarks at the time, but for which the director did not react.

Always so critical of superheroes

Obviously, the director of birdman and The ghost still doesn’t appreciate Marvel movies. In an interview conducted by the media IndieWire, he points the superhero misconception.

What does it mean ? It is a false and misleading conception, the superhero. If you look at the moral of most of these movies, it’s about people who are rich, who have power, who do good, who kill the bad guys. Philosophically, I don’t like them.

Then, he did not fail to react to the words of the interpreter of Iron Man on his native language.

It’s as if someone had said to me: “Oh, you people from your backward country there. If I came from Denmark or Sweden, I would have been seen as a philosopher, but when you you’re Mexican and you say things, you’re pretentious.

What is certain is that he hates still superheroesand the statements of Robert Downey Jr must not have helped him in its reports to the Marvel films. For information, the Oscar-winning director will soon be back, this time on Netflix, with his next film. BARDO, False Chronicle of Some Truths, who will come out in December directly on the SVOD platform.

According to the plot, we will follow a renowned Mexican journalist living in Los Angeles who returns to his native country to receive a prestigious international award. But after years of cutting himself off from his origins, the protagonist, Silverio, will face a existential crisis that will lead him to confront his memories and his anxieties. He will also have to face questions about life, success and identity.

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