84-year-old Enrico Macias does not despair of returning to Algeria

84-year-old Enrico Macias does not despair of returning to Algeria

Nostalgic, the singer Enrico Macias still does not despair of returning to Algeria. Born in 1938 in Constantine, Enrico was the child of a family of Jewish musicians. His father is a violinist in the orchestra of a great master of Maalouf, Cheikh Raymond Leyris.

In 1956, Enrico Macias obtained his baccalaureate and decided, together with his wife Suzy, to leave Algeria following the assassination of Sheikh Raymond Leyris. And this, to reach Paris and get into music. Aged 84 today, this French singer regrets his past injuries and the fact of having repeatedly missed the opportunity to visit Algeria.

Enrico Macias wishes to see Algeria again, at least once, before his death

In one of his statements granted to Pure People. Enrico Macias once again raises the question of returning to Algeria. Indeed, “I have not yet mourned Algeria”, he regretted. Again, in an interview with Al Arabya, Enrico Macias raises the same subject.

Even after 60 years of his departure, the singer, very old, still dreams of visiting his birthplace again. Answering the questions of the journalist who interviewed him. Enrico talked about his links with oriental music, but also with Algeria. “I come from a country called Algeria“, “I was born into a family of musicians,” he said. For him, he has always been faithful to his musical roots and his identity, during his 60-year career.

After performing a piece of his song “I left my country”. Enrico Macias has made a call to make his dream come true. “I’m 84 now, I hope they’ll hurry to bring me here”, “I want to, before leaving this world, at least once. To find my hometown, my country, all the friends I have there…”. “maybe it will come, I’m not saying no in the future” concluded the singer born in Constantine, his interview.

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