A beautiful book about our photographed nature

A beautiful book about our photographed nature

Christian Bouchardy, wildlife photographer, accurately captures the beauty of wild animals!

Capturing wild beauty. Do not close it, but carefully place it in a paper cage: a book. Then gently open and take full advantage of Nature’s people when, unfortunately, we cannot observe it in situ. This book exists, and it is remarkable. It comes from naturalist photographer Christian Bouchardy, who captured our wildlife with his telephoto lens so as not to disturb this precious nature. In the “Four Seasons of Wild Animals” (Editions de Borée) he tells us a wonderful story in pictures about spring swallows, summer marmots, a busy squirrel in autumn or those winter days when the fox is hopping and jumping on the snow. Hundreds of amazing images, the real pleasure of these large-format photos: a real “beautiful book” to think about with the family.

“Palpitations of life”

Former vice-president of the Auvergne regional council in charge of the environment, Christian Bouchardy devotes his time to writing, photography and nature conservation by holding responsibilities in major associations, in particular the Ligue for the Protection of Birds, of which he is president for Auvergne.

Exceptional shots
documents from the De Borée edition

“The naturalist who observes wild animals has the immense privilege of feeling, more or less consciously, the beats of life that have otherwise become imperceptible to most people,” he writes. You don’t need to look for a grizzly bear in Alaska or a gorilla in Central Africa to admire contact with the wild. The distance does not matter if the eye cannot see. The ability to observe, the patience and humility it requires are the first ingredients of an approach that opens the way to feelings that are indescribable in words, but deeply lived and fulfilling. »

And a militant act

Paying such tribute to the nature of our country, in a book from which animals seem to come out of the page, is also a militant act. Nature is beautiful, let’s protect it! Animal photography “can only truly enrich its practitioner if it is accompanied, or even better if preceded, by a deep respect for the animal, as those who exterminate it with gunshots with the complicity of their dog believe, but on the contrary immerse yourself as discreetly as possible in its environment to capture some images of his behavior and his universe.”

A beautiful book about our photographed nature

A tribute to our nature.
documents from the De Borée edition

These other walkers on our country lanes...

These other walkers on our country lanes…
documents from the De Borée edition

The blackbird, the lark, the green frog, the red partridge, the great woodpecker, etc., swirl in this colorful “Four Seasons” symphony. The inhabitants of heaven are indeed more present there than “earthlings”. They are also less familiar to us, to us who do not raise our eyes to the sky enough, turned to ourselves… Let’s learn to look at and love Nature again. And read this book!

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