a book about Saint-pourçain

a book about Saint-pourçain

Sometimes we know very little about the treasures of Allier, such as our Saint-Pouçain vineyard, which was adored by French kings. Where is he today? Journalist Jean-Yves Vif studied the question. He is offering the book ‘Saint Pourçain’s Awakening of the Vineyard’ for sale.

It is a book that we are happy to recommend as a gift for Christmas. A real dive into our local heritage. the Union of Saint-Pourçain winegrowers supported the creation of a completely new work on the Saint-Pourçain vineyard. It is signed by Jean-Yves Vif, journalist and writer and Éric Houdbine, photographer: ‘Saint Pourçain, the awakening of the vineyard’ has just appeared in bookstores.

Richly documented book

In this book, we will first of all discover many portraits of winegrowers and illustrations (maps and drawings). What to immerse yourself in, while drinking a good glass, in the constantly renewing universe of this name.

Saint-Pourçain gets rid of its long-cultivated reserve

‘Saint Pourçain, the awakening of the vineyard’

Unique in the viticultural landscape, far from the big famous vineyards, Saint-Pourçain is freed from a long-cultivated reserve. Now in the spotlight, it asserts itself as an authentic wine produced by determined winegrowers and winegrowers facing the challenges of globalization.
The awakening of Saint-Pourçain is revealed by two authors in search of reality.

How Saint-Pourçain asserts its uniqueness

Without hiding the stake, they call for penetration into his intimacy and his identity, the symbol of which becomes the attacker. Jean-Yves Vif, journalist (left) and Éric Houdbine, photographer (right) patiently met the differences between women and men or places, often unknown.

Jean-Yves Vif replaces the vineyard, in the AOC since 2009, at the heart of the social challenges of the cultural drink, more than ever when it comes to sharing. As for Éric Houdbine, after the illuminated valleys, he follows more intimate paths and gazes into the glow of the cellars where the present of the awakening of the vineyards is written.

Praxis. Jean-Yves Vif and Éric Houdbine will sign the book ‘Saint Pourçain awakening vineyard withSaturday, December 17, in the E. Leclerc cultural space in Moulins from 2:30 p.m. You can also order the book here.

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