A book about the legend of the Amiliavum Bridge

A book about the legend of the Amiliavum Bridge

Saint-Aubin-le-Monial. To read: “The legend of the Amiliavum bridge” by Michel Guirao. Michel Guirao has just published the book “The legend of the Amiliavum bridge”.

It was during a national internship at Creps de Vichy, in the 1980s, during his young boxing career, that the author discovered Auvergne and never left it. He sells his house in the Aude to acquire a farm surrounded by nature, in the Livradois Forez, then comes back down from his mountain to get closer to the Moulins train station for his professional needs in Paris. He settled permanently in Saint-Aubin-le-Monial, on the edge of the domanial wood.

He says there are “more connections to nature than high-speed internet ever could!” Going into the woods also means going home…” Michel has been spending there with his wife and their Patou between two and four hours a day since his retirement in 2018.

Art is always a source of emotions for him: “We all have a piece of it without exception. Whether photography, painting or writing, they make ostentatious what makes us fallible in the face of creation. If the first two are the metaphorical expressiveness of the artist’s message, the writing places us before our own humanity. »

The author thus plunges into the magical with this work illustrated by his care, “The legend of the Amiliavum bridge”. An overflowing imagination, a crisp humor, caricatures more real than life: Michel Guirao tells a gripping story by making us discover a little known civilization, but which preceded the Gallic advent. It is a tale more or less detached from what is usually defined as reality and which largely echoes our current debates, on the commitment or not of a war which impacts us all in Europe. Written in a Baudelairian style, the politeness of kings, it is short and well illustrated.

The story in brief

From time immemorial, the Rutenes have been a peaceful and mystical tribe that lives in harmony with nature and the surrounding peoples. Its territory is located in the middle of the Grands Causses. Endowed with strange powers and a benevolent social culture, the Rutenes hold, among other things, a specific knowledge in civil engineering, more particularly the construction of bridges. A powerful distant king with warlike and expansionist intentions, aims to conquer the unexplored territories of the north and plans, to do this, to build by blackmail in the war, a pharaonic bridge, in order to cross the chasm which separates the two worlds of the Great ones. Causses. To force the local peoples to build the Amiliavum bridge, he planned, in exchange, the celebration of the marriage of convenience of his only daughter Epheus, with the best of suitors during the Festinas Colluchis festival. His Machiavellian annexation project is revealed by Rutene wisdom, who detects his true intention…

Practice. The Legend of the Amiliavum Bridge by Michel Guirao, 146 pages published by Édilivre. More information on the website Price: 30 euros.

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