A book for learning how to become a researcher

A book for learning how to become a researcher

Alban Michon is a professional researcher, lecturer and founder of the School of Researchers in Tignes (Savoie). He already has a big list of explorations on his account: 1000 km sea kayaking along the Greenland coast, 72 days on an iceberg, swimming with a polar bear or even hundreds of dives under icebergs.

The art of research that he masters and wants to share with as many people as possible. Last October, he published a a book published by the EPA. “School of explorers – from micro-adventure to the most extreme expeditions”. A complete researcher’s manual drawn from personal experience. He advises us in different stages of creating an expedition.

From setting up a project and financing, to survival techniques in a hostile environment, going through self-transcendence and advice on how to do it while respecting planet. In particular, he insists on the importance of mental and physical fitness, “being good in your body and in your mind”, especially through nutrition.

Another aspect that was discussed, how to design an expedition that respects the environment as much as possible. He also gives us advice on how to have spiritResearcher Daily

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