A book that condemns everything technological and digital

A book that condemns everything technological and digital

Fabien Benoit grew up in Villeneuve. His family still lives there. Today, he is a journalist, an expert in new technologies and a documentarian, especially for to.

It was published in 2019 Valley, the story of Silicon Valley (Les Arènes editions), in which he showed that this cradle of computing, originally conceived as a promise to improve the human condition, actually gave birth to “superpower giants, who threaten our democracies, in the short term”.

His latest work, Techno-Luttes, an exploration of those who resist technology, it was published in September by Editions du Seuil (Reporterre collection). Fabien Benoit wrote it together with Nicolas Celnik, freelance journalist, author of articles on issues of political ecology in Liberation newspaper.

Techno-fights reveals a new face of those who raise the alarm about the hypertechnological world.

Take back control of our lives

Today, they are neither environmental specialists nor political activists “normal people, whose professions are threatened by digital ubiquity: employees, farmers, teachers, health workers, who feel that they are deprived of their knowledge and experience, their relationships with others, in favor of efficiency and productivity. This book proposes a break with the idea that progress is everything good”while it is largely responsible for the ecological crisis, as evidenced by the fires and temperature last summer.

No return “in the age of candles”perhaps there is still time for a critical review of “all technological and digital” and consider another model of society “which would give us back control over our lives”.

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