A box of books looted at Lamothe-en-Blaisy

A box of books looted at Lamothe-en-Blaisy

On the night of Monday 23rd to Tuesday 24th January, the Lamothe-en-Blaisy book case was completely emptied of its contents. Almost all the books, there were about a hundred of them, disappeared at once.

In Lamothe-en-Blaisy, a small village near Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises, a free and supportive library is located in the village bus station, which is visited daily by families whose children take the bus to school or college. One of them discovered this on Thursday morning: the hundred or so books that were lined up in the box were almost all gone.

The testimony of a local woman, who was woken up by a noise in the night from Monday to Tuesday, enables the facts to be established around 4 am. “It’s malicious and absurd, and then it’s very symbolic, one wonders who could have done such a thing… It’s sad to see this box of books completely empty” testified the mother who made this discovery.

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Solidarity is already organized

The city’s deputy mayor, Clotilde Juhé, went to the scene after the alarm and immediately reported the incident to the Colombey gendarmerie. The shelves will be filled by the inhabitants of the village and Agnès Couvreux, the person in charge of the Juzennecourt book box, who for her part did not find anything abnormal. Lamothe book box was officially opened last May, on the occasion of the city’s boom.

This is not the first time, in France, and especially in Haute-Marne, that we witness such lack of culture. We remind you that there is also a storage room for books vandalized in Chalindrey Weekend for All Saints.

From our correspondent Aurélie Chenot

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