a children’s book about ecology

a children’s book about ecology

6:00 Alicia Méchin

The author and illustrator from Touraine, Caroline Nouveau, published a book for children last year. “An Ocean to Save” is about ecology, and its goal is to raise awareness from an early age.

This is the story of Elouan, on vacation with his grandparents in Brittany, who discovers a whale stranded on the beach. Then we find out that the animal has a lot of waste and plastic in its stomach. This situation, told in An ocean that needs saving, is not just fiction. This is the painful observation of Caroline Nouveau during the 2018 world tour.

As we traveled through the countries, we saw many things that shocked us. Like recreational beachesopen waste (…) animals looking for food and finding nothing but garbage and plastic (…) seeing them quite often really made us realize that things need to change“.

Initially intending to write a book about travel, Caroline finally decided to talk about ecology. On her return, Tourangelle therefore collected information on waste management, in France and around the world. The message is clear : do not consume. “The best waste is the one we don’t produce“, claims the illustrator.

An ocean that needs saving is a book available from the age of 5. And to complete my ideas, Caroline Nouveau decided to print it in France and locally, in Chambray-les-Tours, on paper from sustainably managed forests, with vegetable-based inks.

The author and illustrator from Tours is currently working on another story, about icebergs and polar bears. An ocean that needs saving is meanwhile available in several bookshops in France or by order on Caroline Nouveau’s website.

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