a concert ring, the health of the 76-year-old icon is worried

a concert ring, the health of the 76-year-old icon is worried

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Jane Birkin has maintained a privileged love affair with the French public for more than 50 years and the tube “I love you…me neither” by Serge Gainsbourg, with whom she formed one of the most legendary couples in music and the art world. And since then, the singer, in turn theater actress, actress for cinema, television, director but also producer, has always continued to reinvent herself in her many projects. Me, I get bored on my own, so to be honest, I prefer to work. I do a job that frankly, even if I’m not paid to do it, I’m happy to do it. It’s not a job, it’s a life she explained for the documentary “Jane Birkin and us” broadcast in September on France 2. In December 2020, she also signed a remarkable comeback with the album “Oh! Pardon you were sleeping…”Directed by Etienne Daho based on the TV movie and the play she wrote in the 90s. I was with someone who totally understood me, who wanted to show me off. He was tender like a lover she said of the French pop singer, conquered.

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“Jane Birkin is unfortunately unwell”

The promotion of the disc, defended by the singles “Forbidden Games” and “Your sentinel”was, however, put on hold when Jane Birkin suffered a stroke I won’t be in 2021. It is obvious that this stroke is linked to the stress engendered by the tour, by all the energy it puts into defending charlotte’s movie [Gainsbourg, sa fille] (…) Jane is unreasonable when it comes to taking care of herself. She was never reasonable confided then a close friend in Paris Match. Jane Birkin had taken six months before back on stage : How lucky you are when you leave your house and people smile at you, they ask you how you are. What kindness! It’s hard to have a bad day after .

Since this incident, the health of Jane Birkin has therefore been closely monitored behind the scenes of the concerts on her tour. Alas, the concern of her fans grew again after the cancellation of the show she was to give at the Opera Comdie in Montpellier on Tuesday, January 24. In a publication shared on Facebook, the room clarified that Jane Birkin was unfortunately unwell and therefore unable to perform on stage as planned. We regret to cancel the performance of “Oh! Pardon, you were sleeping…” this evening, Tuesday January 24, at the OpĂ©ra Comdie. We wish him a good recovery! can we read on the social network. Spectators are invited to approach the ticket office to be reimbursed. For now, the British icon has an appointment with the Lille public on January 29 for his next date, still maintained on his official website. Hope it gets back in time!

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