a fashion icon gone from afar

a fashion icon gone from afar

Since her role in “The Devil Wears Prada” in 2006, the American actress has transformed her style. The chrysalis turned into a marvelous butterfly and today she is what we could call a “fashion icon”. With his large sunglasses and hats of all kinds, the star regularly publishes previews of his “looks” always very popular with his 25 million fans on Instagram.

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Anne Hathaway’s stylist, Erin Walsh, told “vogue» the three essential ingredients for the success of an outfit: «joy, fearlessness and fun». “I think many types of looks work when you call on your inner confidence to take them on,” she added.

What’s next after this ad

Anne Hathaway is on the poster of “Armageddon Time”, released Wednesday, November 9 in French theaters. A film in which she gives the reply to Jeremy Strong and Anthony Hopkins.

Away from film sets, the ‘Princess Despite Herself’, ‘Best Enemies’ and ‘Interstellar’ star has shared Adam Shulman’s life since 2008. The couple married in September 2012 and welcomed their first child in March 2016 named Jonathan Rosebanks. The lovely brunette gave birth to a second child in November 2019, whom the lovebirds named Jack.

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