A film soon to be filmed in the Cotentin

A film soon to be filmed in the Cotentin

The Cotentin once again under the spotlight. A film will be shot in the north of the Manche department in October. Her name : “The kings of the track”, directed by Thierry Klifa (to which we owe in particular “Everything separates us”). “It’s the story of a family of scammers. To avoid spoiling the film, at some point, this family will find themselves separated. One of the members will leave with a painting and the others will try to find his trace. in the Cotentinexplains Carentanian Maxime Delauney, from Nolita, the film’s production company. A film that should bring together beautiful people in the cast, with in particular Fanny Ardant, Mathieu Kassovitz, Nicolas Duvauchelle and Michel Vuillermoz.

It is a land that has probably been ignored for quite some time. In two years, my production structure has shot three films in the Cotentin. We were supported by the Normandy region. A shoot is 70 to 150 people. But it’s lucky to have a film shoot in your town: the hotels and restaurants are full, etc. Economically, touristically, in the media, this is good news – Maxime Delauney, producer at Nolita

Filming will mainly take place in Barfleurin the Val de Saire. “We were originally supposed to shoot in Brittany. After discussion with Thierry Klifa, who had already been to the Cotentin in Carentan and Bricquebec, he had fond memories of the region. So I suggested to him, rather than going in Morbihan, to see the lands of Barfleur, Saint-Vaast-La-Hougue. And he found his sets very quickly”says Maxime Delauney. Scenes will also be shot at the Château de Quinévillea place particularly dear to the producer because he spent his holidays there with his grandparents.

Between Val de Saire and Cherbourg

The cameras will also land for a few days at the bookstore Les Schistes bleus, in the city center of Cherbourg. The team came to scout locations during the summer. “In fact, we were looking for a very typical bookstore”explains the producer. For booksellers, “it’s funny” to see a film being shot in his shop: “I’m curious to see the result, I can’t wait to see the film… even though it’s not yet shot!”smiles Anne-Laure Verien, co-owner of Blue Schists.

It’s a place where we work, we live, we share with readers, the people of Cherbourg. There he will be immortalized. It’s nice – Anne-Laure Verien, co-owner of the Blue Schists

The bookstore should be globally similar to what it is, with some adjustments to fixtures, displays, furniture. “But the sign will be changed”adds the bookseller. Filming should take place from October 6 to 11 within the establishment, which will therefore be closed during this period. But the website will remain functional and orders will be processed remotely. “But people are happy. People talk to me about it a lot”says Anne-Laure Verien.

During filming, the film crews must notably meet schoolchildren from the area to show them the different cinema professions.

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