A French YouTuber solves a 33-year-old case

A French YouTuber solves a 33-year-old case

published on Sunday, November 13, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

A French YouTuber, passionate about news stories, conducted a multi-year investigation to identify the body of a woman buried anonymously in 1989 in Verdun, in the Meuse, reports Le Parisien.

An unidentified body of a woman who disappeared without a trace. The enigma, which had not been solved by the Dutch police, ended up attracting the attention of a French YouTuber.

Passionate about various facts since his childhood, this Marseillais carried out an incredible investigation which made it possible to identify the body of Elisabeth Wessels, a German woman found dead in Verdun (Meuse) in 1989, reports Le Parisien, Sunday November 13.

“The age is between 25 and 40 years old, measuring 1.73 m, of strong build”could we only read in the death certificate of March 31, 1989. The YouTuber, creator of the “Infocrimes” channel, is the first to have made the link between the unknown from Verdun and the disappearance of Elisabeth Wessels, a German, 31 years old.

“I was especially very happy for his family”

“I had never heard of this woman buried under X. I concentrated on trying to identify her by going through the wanted notices”explains the 30-year-old. “Finding nothing in France, I expanded to border countries. At the start of 2021, I found Elisabeth Wessels’ file on the Dutch police website and I thought it might fit”he continues with the Parisian.

The YouTuber even contacted the medical examiner who performed analyzes on the young woman’s body. “He simply told me that his teeth were not very good. However, on the photo of the wanted poster of Elisabeth Wessels, we see that he is missing a tooth. That convinced me”he says. After contacting the French and Dutch police, the investigator had confirmation that his brilliant intuition was the right one, in January 2022. “I was especially very happy for his family, who were able to get an answer”confides daily the man who calls himself Bruno and wishes to keep the mystery… about his own identity!

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