a glove that can interpret Braille

a glove that can interpret Braille

Anicet Mbida

Anicet Mbida brings us the best in terms of innovation every morning. This Monday, he is interested in a facility that could help visually impaired people. This is a glove that can interpret Braille.

Today’s innovation should help visually impaired people to read. This is a glove that can interpret Braille.

You should know: almost 90% of blind people cannot read braille. If you did not start at an early age or if you have gradually lost your sight, learning can become extremely time-consuming and tiring. And for good reason, how do you know that the little dot in the upper left corner means “A”, that the two vertical dots are “B” if you have no way to connect what you feel at your fingertips and what it represents.

This glove will decode each group of dots that passes under the finger and speak the letter out loud. As a result, we end up connecting the tactile sensation and the corresponding letter more easily, which speeds up learning.

Is this glove expensive?

No, €300, which is still reasonable. We are still talking about a device full of electronics and sensors. Especially since it is not reserved for learning. Nothing prevents you from using it simply for convenience, as an auto-reading tool. A future version will even make it possible to read any printed text thanks to character recognition. It will be enough to swipe the pages of the book to read it aloud and at your own pace. For the first time, we will be able to make a link between braille reading and traditional reading. Thus, it offers much more reading possibilities for visually impaired people.

Among these options are screen readers and audiobooks that are developing…

Yes, smartphones and their accessibility features have been a boon for the visually impaired. They allow them to listen to any page on the web, to listen to any newspaper article, to dictate e-mails or text messages… But despite this, everyone recognizes that learning Braille is still necessary. It’s like learning to read, it lets you work on spelling and grammar. So it’s good news to know that technology exists to make learning easier. Technology developed by startup Orama AI.

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