a hidden camera by Greg Guillotin turns tragic

a hidden camera by Greg Guillotin turns tragic

Greg Guillotin and Eugène, father trapped in “The Worst Son-in-law” YouTube screenshots Greg Guillotin (editing)

The comedian reveals on his YouTube channel a docu-reality of fifteen episodes entitled The Worst Project in which he looks back on the two years of work required to record “Pire Gendre” for C8.

Since October 18, Greg Guillotin broadcast on its YouTube channel behind the scenes of the production of the second issue of “Worst Son-in-law” whose final product was unveiled on May 5 on C8. To succeed in closing this hidden camera where, with the complicity of a fake girlfriend, one of his eccentric characters traps her parents during a meal, it took him two years. “We missed it four times before we succeeded”, the comedian had revealed to us when he came to “Le Buzz TV”. “Two girls left us a week before filming. As for the other two, the reactions did not suit us at all. Either they were too violent or they weren’t there. The trap broadcast tonight was that of the last chance. If we couldn’t, our future was very compromised. »

Among these failed attempts, Greg Guillotin unveiled Tuesday the one featuring his accomplice Tiphaine. For this prank that took weeks to prepare, the 22-year-old made her family believe she had been in a relationship for several months with a certain MC Guillaume, a totally stupid failed rapperand that the latter invited them to lunch at his place. The trapped were Eugène, a 65-year-old retiree with a strong character, and his wife Brigitte, 57. A couple of Congolese origin who, from the start, were not thrilled with the idea of ​​having to go to their daughter’s boyfriend.

“I’m going to gut the guy!” »

While Greg Guillotin had only unrolled 10% of his script, Eugène let his anger burst out, wanting to smash everything in the house and come to blows with Greg Guillotin. “I have never seen such a reaction, I have never seen anyone like that”reacted the latter, aside, discovering that a bottle had been broken on the living room table. The reactions of the father of the family are of a rare violence: “I will bleed him”; “I’m going to burn his house to him”; “I’m going to gut the guy”… Among his many provocations, the character of MC Guillaume talked about drugs and sex, so many subjects that ended up exasperating this father concerned for his daughter. “I’ve been in France for 40 years, I don’t mix with drug addicts”he exclaimed. “In 27 years of marriage, I have never seen him get angry like that”testified Brigitte, his wife.

After a brief lull, new actions of the hoax will prompt Tiphaine’s father to leave the filming house and call the police. It was in the presence of several members of the police that the filming was laboriously ended. When Greg Guillotin revealed to everyone that it was a hidden camera, anger gave way to general good humor. “You got me good, I freaked out “, acknowledged a relieved but shocked Eugene. The mother, Brigitte, needed several minutes to understand that everything she had just seen and experienced was comedy. “You were the toughest trap I’ve ever had”told them the comedian, stressing later that this hoax was going to have a hard time finding its place on television.

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