a huge illegal site of american channels disappears

a huge illegal site of american channels disappears

Everything indicated that the USTVGO IPTV site had already been in the sights of rights holders for some time. USTVGO was indeed a very popular site to watch hundreds of American channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, and Nickelodeon live. Especially from abroad.

The very sudden closure of the site, however, largely surprised the regulars of USTVGO. Indeed, the platform has long maintained the vagueness on the legality of its IPTV streams. A message stated before the closing that it was completely “legal to watch” the content offered by the site.

USTVGO IPTV site disappears without giving a reason

However, when the message “Sorry, we’re closed” (sorry we are closed) appeared instead of the home page, many regulars initially believed in a maintenance operation limited in time . But as time passed and the site still displaying the same message, the regulars had to face the facts.

For their part, our colleagues from Torrentfreak tried to contact the administrators of USTVGO to try to find out more. However, the site’s mail servers have also disappeared, preventing any direct communication. The official Discord channel of the site has also been deleted.

In fact, the biggest surprise with this shutdown is that despite USTVGO’s huge popularity, the site was never mentioned on the US Department of Commerce’s list of notorious pirate sites until now. However, the site received many formal notices in recent months.

Formal notices sent by ESPN, Major League Baseball and NBCUniversal, in particular. The association of protection of copyrighted content Alianza (which represents many broadcasters like Discovery, Fox, HBO, Nagra and Sky), listed USTVGO as a notorious pirate site since 2021.

According to the association between February and July 2021 the site received a total of more than 1,988,900 visits. Traffic would have continued to grow since then to exceed 16 million unique monthly views according to TorrentFreak. As for knowing what exactly happened for the site to have thus closed, our colleagues have their own idea.

According to them, the domain has not yet been directly seized by the rights holders, an anti-piracy agency, or a court decision. Instead everything seems to indicate that the operators took fright following a formal notice. In any case, the disappearance of the site does not really leave a void. Several alternatives seem to grab traffic from USTVGO, in particular the 123tvnow, 123tv, and tv247 platforms.

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