A maid who does not hear to laugh in Discussions with my parents

A maid who does not hear to laugh in Discussions with my parents

Discussions with my parentsMonday 7:30 p.m. on ICI Télé

Mrs. Dupuis, François and Stéphanie’s new hyper-productive housekeeper, doesn’t have an easy smile. One could even say that she doesn’t have a smile at all. The unshakable lady with a directive tone does not allow herself to be imposed. When she speaks, we listen to her say her way of thinking, without grumbling. We do not parade in front of Ms. Dupuis, which creates several comical situations.

Mrs. Dupuis, François and Stéphanie’s housekeeper. Photo: Radio-Canada/Screenshot

It is Danielle Fichaud who embodies the famous Mrs. Dupuis, the housekeeper. François Morency created this character with her in mind.

[Danielle Fichaud] had the energy I wanted to play Madame Dupuis.

François Morency, creator of the series

“Danielle was my acting teacher at the School of Humor in 1992. She has since coached hundreds of people for acting, auditions, acting in front of the cameras; right on the set Discussions with my parentsthree actors have already engaged her. She had the energy I wanted to play Madame Dupuis and giving a role to my former teacher was a welcome return for me, which made me very happy. »

Danielle Fichaud is also recognized in the community for Les ateliers Fichaud, a school she founded in the 1980s and which is frequented by both people new to the profession and well-known artists. The followers of The evening is (still) young have already heard Jean-Sébastien Girard talk about her and her workshops.

Watch an excerpt featuring Ms. Dupuis

She never blinks!

The current does not pass between Mrs. Dupuis and the character of François. He even finds her a bit intimidating. She never blinks he points out to Stephanie. It is this almost robotic and authoritarian attitude that bends us in two.

Mrs. Dupuis (Danielle Fichaud) keeps her eyes wide open.
Madame Dupuis, the housekeeper, never blinks. Photo: Radio-Canada/Screenshot

François makes it his mission to make her close her eyelids by various stratagems. Needless to say, it will be unsuccessful.

The scenes where I try to make her blink by spraying her and blowing in her face resulted in giggles.

Francois Morency

The whole thing will be found in a second video of the filming gaffes, which will be uploaded at the end of the season.

See the first part of filming blunders of the 5e season

Nerves! It’s not Celine Dion.

At the very beginning of her first scene, we hear Madame Dupuis ringing frantically at the front door. Stressed by the arrival of her new cleaning lady, Stéphanie urges François to let her in.

Nerves! It’s not Celine Dion replies Francois.

Ironically, actress Danielle Fichaud recently played the role of Thérèse Dion (Mama Dion) in the film A line.

Was this line written especially for him? As I have not seen the film, it was not wanted at the start. Later, when I saw the possible double meaning, I didn’t change the line, thinking it would be a bonus for people who had seen the movie and who would understand the wink answers François Morency, the creator and screenwriter of the series. He assures us that we will see the character of Madame Dupuis again in a future season.

A 6e season of Discussions with my parents was announced.

L’episode with the maid can be seen online.

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