“A massacre”, “Obliged, they are named” … Internet users are convinced that Carla and Paola will be nominated after their failed evaluation

“A massacre”, “Obliged, they are named” … Internet users are convinced that Carla and Paola will be nominated after their failed evaluation

Every evening, from 5.30 p.m., on TF1, viewers discover the adventures of the candidates of the star academybut the show’s biggest fans are getting ahead of the daily by following the live available on MYTF1 MAX. And this Tuesday, November 1, there was no public holiday for the students who passed their assessmentsand duet. An event followed by many Internet users who shared their prognosis on social networks. And there could be surprises… Carl and Paola could they be named? The answer is yes, according to what is circulating on Twitter. “If Paola and Carla are not named, there really is a problem”writes on the social network a user who indicates that Carl forgot his words.

Carla and Paola in the hot seat?

“A piece on Carla/Paola facing Enola/Louis this week”can we also read when another Internet user predicts a “100% girls nomination this week (Léa/Tiana – Paola/Carla)”. “I was looking at the head of Yanis (Marshall, the dance teachereditor’s note) during Carla/Paola’s evaluations I didn’t feel he was very cheerful”explains a fan of the show, who reveals that the scenic expression teacher, Laure Balon, would have immediately turned to her colleague to ask her for her feelings. A bad omen for the one he had quickly described asBritney Spears French” ? “Paola/Carla, they are fake even in their explanations”tackles a user. Before continuing: “No, but that’s not possible, sorry.” An opinion that seems to be quite unanimous.

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“Obligated they are named”

If the Carla/Paola duo is not nominatedthanks to the dance, we will witness the greatest heist of all timeironically another fan of the program. “Carla and Paola, a massacre for the song! Obliged they are named”summarizes another. “Go hop Paola who is scuttled, nomination immediately please!”claims a Twitter user, who notes that “it would be Julian or other, there would be no hesitation”. “It pisses me off because Carla managed everything”would have declared Paola at the exit of the evaluations. “No, I reassure you, bichette, stop blaming yourself”replies a surfer, convinced that they will both be named this Wednesday, November 2.

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