a member of a famous rap group hides among the musicians

a member of a famous rap group hides among the musicians

For ten days, Alain Chabat takes control of the second evening parts of TF1 after the 2022 World Cup matches. The 63-year-old actor is accompanied by an orchestra featuring a well-known face…

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While World Cup 2022 began this Sunday, November 20, TF1 is betting on amazing counter-programming in the second part of the evening after the matches. For ten days, starting Monday, November 21, viewers of the channel will find The Late with Alain Chabatan American-style talk show presented by the former Dummies. After an introductory monologue, the 63-year-old actor receives in a setting made in the usa an audience of guests, each more prestigious than the other: Jean Dujardin, Monica BellucciAngela, Orelsan, Catherine Ringeror Laurent Lafitte. On the program: sketches, of course, (very) quirky interviews, fake ads and live performances.

The Late with Alain Chabat : a figure of French hip-hop hides among the musicians of the show

One of the peculiarities of the American format is the presence of an orchestra to interpret the jingles and accompany the musical artists. In addition to the guitarist, the drummer, the brass pro, the percussionist, three people provide the vocal part. And among them hides a well-known face for all those who grew up in the 90s-2000s. It is in fact about Sly Johnsonformer member of Saïan soup crew. The group indeed rocked our summer 2000 with its tube (very caliente) Angela. The title appears on the first album of the group composed of Sir Samuel, Leeroy, Vicelow, Féfé and Sly the Mic Buddah. An album called KLRin tribute to the rapper of the same name, a former member of the collective who died in Montfermeil in 1998. In 2002, the Saïan Supa Crew won a Victoire de la musique in the Best rap/groove group category for their second opus X Reasonsreleased the previous year.

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The reformation of Dummies?

Fans of Les Nuls have dreamed of it for seventeen years: to see the trio reform. Their wish should be granted for an evening since Alain Chabat confided, at the time of filmingthink about nonsense with Chantal Lauby and Dominique Farrugia“. It remains to be seen whether they will have succeeded in finding these famous “nonsense” to do together. Response within two weeks…


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