A Montreal Haitian radio station risks suspension

A Montreal Haitian radio station risks suspension

Haitian community radio CPAM, also known as CJWI, could see its days numbered if the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) decides not to renew its license, due to non-compliance with standards.

The owner of the media, Jean Ernest Pierre, received a notice of hearing to defend his radio license on April 5 before the Council, as it expires on August 31, 2023.

“The Commission is concerned about the licensee’s ability and commitment to operate the station in a compliant manner. Accordingly, should the Commission once again find the licensee in non-compliance, it will consider suspending, not renewing or revoking CJWI’s broadcasting license pursuant to sections 9 and 24. of the Act,” the CRTC said in its Notice of Hearing.

This is therefore not the first time that the radio has not met the compliance criteria, even if the CRTC ended up renewing each of these requests four times.

In particular, the Council criticizes the radio for not complying with the criteria for broadcasting quotas for music of Canadian origin, a requirement that the radio wanted to see changed.

Recall that CPAM radio was created in 2002 and is devoted to Haitian culture and multicultural issues.

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