a mother testifies on BFMTV and is badly lynched for her outfit…

a mother testifies on BFMTV and is badly lynched for her outfit…

It’s a shocking testimony that invaded TikTok a few days ago… and which is now echoing on the web and on television. On January 11, Inès, a mother residing in the Yvelines, was informed that Jawed, her 2-year-old son, escaped the supervision of the staff of the crèche where he had been entrusted the same morning.

In shock, the mother of the family then shared on TikTok, a video showing the path traveled by her son during the half hour when he wandered the streets of Limay, unsupervised. Inès then revealed that the two-year-old boy walked outside without shoes and crossed several dangerous areas before being found by teenagers in front of a restaurant…

“That day, there were three children. But Jawed didn’t feel like sleeping, unlike the other little babies. My son’s tutor took him out of the dormitory and took him to the play area. I don’t know by what miracle she completely forgot he was there. It was when the director arrived on the scene that she found that a child was missing,” she told CNews. .

Incident in the nursery: Inès, the mother of little Jawed lynched after his passage on BFMTV
This Tuesday, January 17, Inès once again testified, live on BFMTV this time to tell again, the crazy story of her son. If the testimony is something to shock and surprise, Internet users have preferred to dwell on the dress of the mother of the family. Enough to give rise to grotesque and irrelevant comments such as: “The legal burqa with a surgical mask long live the Masonic Republic”, “Batman lost Robin!”, “Since she is alone why did she put on the mask? Certainly so as not to appear with the full dress recommended by the Islamists, the burqa, with a concealed face. Her attitude made her son’s misfortunes take second place”, “On the other hand, she is covered for 2, she…”, “On TikTok we saw the video of her in tears without all that dress. Why put it on when she’s on TV?”, “She works, dressed up like that?”, “At least it’s not in France! knows that in some countries they die to remove it? Before politeness forced us to remove hat or cap and now THIS!” can we for example read.

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