A new bookstore has opened in Alès

A new bookstore has opened in Alès

It was “ an old dream », groups of friends who love books. It is now a reality. Since November 12, the date of the site’s inauguration, Impossible has had an address in Alès: 4 rue Taisson, which now houses a bookstore run by the Marmites du futur team.

The idea of ​​Marmites du futur, a non-profit association, “ that is, in the beginning, to take the books out of the libraries, to take them out into the street says Khuzama. Its members therefore go round the markets of the Cévennes villages to sell at low prices books – always of high quality – picked up from right to left, sorted and cleaned. “ We also wanted to offer titles from individual small publishers that do not have wide distribution », Fred finishes. This is, for example, the case with the publications Plein chant, specialized in proletarian literature, or Interférences, whose catalog offers numerous Russian authors.

From now on, with a tour of the market that it intends to continue to respect, the Marmites du Futur team decided to anchor in Alès, opening a “hard” bookstore. “ We all have professional activities on the side, but we will take turns run Impossible, « a bookstore that prides itself on irreverent, saucy and abrasive literature (classics, poetry, surrealism, polar, sci-fi, adventure, etc.) and books of social criticism (history, politics, philosophy, science, etc.). A large section, for example, is devoted to the history of the labor movement or the history of France, with many works devoted to the French Revolution or the Paris Commune. However, the initiators of the project do not imagine L’Impossible as a militant bookstore: “ We emphasize topics that interest us, social criticism in general, but we still have everything. The idea is to give tools, to suggest things that allow you to develop your critical spirit, but we are not dogmatic », Khuzama insisted.

This adds to the offer of places dedicated to books in Alès, but without duplicating what already exists. “ I think people will find things here that they won’t find elsewhere and vice versa. Long live the Impossible!

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