a new Walkman for music lovers

a new Walkman for music lovers

Sony, creator of the Walkman, continues to launch new products in this range. There are indeed many music lovers who do not want to hear about listening to music on a smartphone!

Walkmans have not disappeared, far from it. So of course, we are no longer talking about cassette players of course, or even portable CD players! But Sony continues to regularly launch new products to satisfy customers who are always looking to enjoy their music without going through a smartphone that is poorly suited to listening. The manufacturer, which created the Walkman, has announced a new model just available in France.

Physical buttons to control the music

The NW-A306 does not want to look like a smartphone: first, it incorporates a 3.6-inch screen (1,280 x 720) very small compared to current standards, and then above all Sony integrates physical buttons to control easier to play music. This design gives the device a real “walkman” appearance. The aluminum chassis has been treated to offer a rigidity that ensures “ low impedance and clear, dense and assertive lows “says the manufacturer.

With its weight of only 113 grams, this new model will find a place in any pocket. But it is especially at the level of sound that Sony is expected at the turn. The Walkman thus integrates a DSEE Ultimate engine (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) which runs on artificial intelligence. It allows the conversion of compressed digital files in order to offer accurate rendering and improved reproduction.

DSEE Ultimate also improves the quality of music streamed over Wi-Fi (the device supports 802.11ac) or stored in the 32 GB of memory (an SD slot is available), and listened to with headphones or wireless headphones. Its autonomy is 36 hours in FLAC 44.1 kHz, 32 hours in Hi-Res FLAC 96 kHz or even 26 hours in streaming. Charging is done through the USB-C port. The NW-A306 is sold at a price of 400 €.

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