A pivotal and particularly surprising episode for Reasonable Doubt

A pivotal and particularly surprising episode for Reasonable Doubt

The second season of the series Reasonable doubt in full swing on ICI Télé and is particularly captivating.

Julie Perreault and Marc-André Grondin have resumed their respective roles of Alice and Fred, two investigators specializing in sex crimes.

Since the beginning of this second version, a few intrigues have intersected, including those of the aggression of an elderly person (Louise Turcot) and the kidnapping of a young girl by a university professor with particularly twisted ideas (excellent Jean Italian). Everything to keep us going.

Next Monday, February 6, you will be treated to a major twist in history involving the assault of elderly people. After Pierrette (Louise Turcot), another lady (Marie-Josée Longchamps) will be violently attacked. Who is really the culprit and what are his motives? You’ll find out a lot more in the upcoming episode, which is already available on ICI’s EXTRA for the most curious.

The exact synopsis of this episode goes as follows: Alice and Fred (Julie Perreault and Marc-André Grondin) go to a residence for semi-autonomous seniors. Angèle Cournoyer (Marie-Josée Longchamps) was the victim of a brutal attack there which is similar in many respects to that committed against Pierrette (Louise Turcot). They take statements from owner Claude Simoneau (Gary Boudreau) and nurse Murielle Dansereau (Camille Paré-Poirier). Samir Ahmadi (Samir Firouz), a Syrian refugee who volunteers by bringing their meals to the boarders is nowhere to be found. They meet the victim’s son, Jean-Benoît (Alexandre-St-Martin).

This is a pivotal episode, which will change the dynamic in the investigation team, in addition to completely astonishing you, unless you are a real Sherlock Holmes…

On our side, it is with amazement that we discovered what it was all about.

It’s a good job from the whole team behind this series, starting with the author Danielle Dansereau. We also really like the obvious chemistry between Julie Perreault and Marc-André Grondin, both excellent in this context.

The following week, February 13, you will be treated to the story of a teenager who claims to have been sexually assaulted by a trusted adult.

The Reasonable Doubt series is presented on Mondays at 9 p.m. on ICI Télé.

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