A resident of Épernon publishes a book in audio version, Ma schizophrénie

A resident of Épernon publishes a book in audio version, Ma schizophrénie

She was silent for a long time about the voices she heard. Diagnosed with schizophrenia, the one whose pseudonym is Pythna told her story in a book published in 2020 with a sober title my schizophrenia. An autobiography that will be available in an audio version on the Saga storify online platform from Friday, November 18.

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“Because of medication, people like me can’t concentrate enough on reading,” explains the 29-year-old author who recently moved to Épernon. “And since I’ve had so much positive feedback about the paper and digital versions, I wanted to give them access to my book via audio. »
When Python writes its first sentences to the notebook, it’s more like a journal:

“I was 17 years old when I heard the voice of a man who initially calmed and comforted me when I was in pain. Then he started ordering me things. To take a rope and go to the forest to hang myself. Then I realized it had gone too far. »

Python (schizophrenic)

Pythna was 19 years old at the time. She confides in her husband, who takes her to a psychiatrist.

She is silent for a long time

“I was never afraid of being thought crazy because I heard voices and had visual hallucinations. However, I remained silent for a long time because I was afraid that they would put me on medication and hospitalize me. »

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Hospitalization overtook her when she was 26 years old and she had just finished writing her autobiography. He instinctively sends his text to a publishing house, which immediately agrees to publish it. “But writing this book stirred things up in me and, at 26, I was hospitalized for two months in a psychiatric hospital. »

Delirious puffs

From this experience, she draws another book, Stay in a Psychiatric Hospital, published on October 23, self-published under the pseudonym Anna Roswart. She tells, among other things, about the delirious breaths of which she was a victim. An additional step in accepting the disease from which his cousin and uncle also suffer.

“When I was diagnosed, I couldn’t believe it. Over time, I realized that maybe the psychiatrists were right, but I still have a hard time accepting it. I’m still confused. »

Today, he continues to write from his home. The diary of a woman on the edge, which she has already published in a paper edition, will be offered in an audio edition in the coming months. And if Pythna learns to tame her disease, she is still its victim:

“I leave the house very little. I can’t work because I’m too anxious. I always hear voices threatening me. But writing is an exhaust valve. After reading my book, people have told me they feel less alone. It was good for them, and for me. Today I manage to be positive. »

Praxis. Audio version my schizophrenia will be available on Audible, Deezer, Kobo, Napster and many online bookstores. Author’s website:

Laurence Franceschina

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