A scene in episode 3 of House of the Dragon is reminiscent of Daenerys

A scene in episode 3 of House of the Dragon is reminiscent of Daenerys

Between Dragon House and game of throneswe can sometimes spot certain winks. This is the case in the last episode: a sequence made us think of Daenerys Targaryen.

The spin-off of game of thrones is also a prequel. Dragon House takes place long before the events we have witnessed, about 200 years in the past. The series also focuses on a single house: the Targaryens. In Obtainedthe dynasty was notably embodied by Daenerys.

But many viewers have noticed similarities between her and Rhaenyra, princess, daughter of King Viserys and official heiress to the throne in Dragon House. A scene from episode 3, broadcast this September 5 on OCS, further accentuates this feeling. If you haven’t noticed the parallel, we’re telling you about it! But don’t read on if you haven’t seen the episode yet, lest you potentially spoil the effect.

Warning, spoilers

SPOILERS House of the Dragon // Source: Numerama

The bloody face of Rhaenyra and Daenerys

During the episode, Rhaenyra finds herself exasperated at not being associated with her father’s decisions. She then flees on horseback, only to be joined by the commander of the Royal Guard (whom she herself had designated the previous episode), Criston Cole. When night falls—and the princess refuses to return to camp—they set up a hasty camp in the forest.

That’s when their paths cross… that of a (terrible) boar. Criston Cole fights against him, but, far from being helpless, Rhaenyra finishes him off herself when the animal attacks her. At the end of the sequence, his face is completely bloodied. For anyone who remembers the beginnings of game of thronesduring season 1, this scene has a funny mirror effect.

Rhaenerys versus Daenerys // Source: HBO

During one episode, Daenerys was indeed found with a bloody face when she had to eat the heart of a horse to prove her strength to the Dothraki – and as a result, her unborn son was designated as a future great conqueror. (which will ultimately not be the case…).

The two mirrored scenes show that the two heroines are initially underestimated, yet powerful, brutal and perhaps limitless. We know that the Targaryens are, from family, quite uncontrollable, even bloodthirsty. Rhaenyra is not a sweet princess: she will be bloody. And we feel that this prequel, adapted from Fire & Bloodtakes us little by little to events that will tear Westeros apart…

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