a strategy and return calculated for… 10 years?

a strategy and return calculated for… 10 years?

The famous New Year’s story shared by Ademo on his Instagram account – in which we can hear an unpublished extract – revives all the craziest theories about the return of NLP.

Today, the one that interests us talks about an return planned for 10 years.


After the theory about Ademo and NOS’ so-called split, fans have been digging up old records to find answers quickly about their favorite band’s comeback.

It’s in a clip of S-pion and NOS, I do not forgetdating from 2013 that fans went to dig up answers. In this clip, we recognize NOS, but what fans are interested in is a shot of the clip at 3 min 10 on which we can see a photo of a jersey, whose flocked name we cannot very well distinguish, except two letters, TZ », Written in the middle of the back of the jersey. But what arouses the curiosity of QLFs is the date marked on said photo: ” 09/01/2023 “.

Indeed, today, it’s been a while since the return of the Two Brothers is hoped for. According to the fans, this date was not left by chance in this visual and would simply correspond to their return. If we follow this theory, that would mean that Ademo and NOS would have calculated everything for quite a long time

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