a subject they have already discussed, revelations about their relationship

a subject they have already discussed, revelations about their relationship

This Friday, November 11, Stephane Plaza is at the helm of a new number of Search apartment or house on M6. Channel in which he also rubs shoulders with the beautiful Karine Le Marchand with which he tied a real friendship.

If the two animators very popular with the French are content to be only very good friends, rumors about a relationship have already leaked. Between 2011 and 2014, Karine Le Marchand and Stéphane Plaza hosted the coaching program You don’t choose your neighbors on M6. In an interview with TV Major Channels in 2013, the two animators confessed that “the current immediately passed” between them and their friendship is “extraordinary”.

We’re not into seduction at all

The host of Love is in the meadow and the host of House for sale also lifted the veil on a potential love affair. “We mentioned it once. But the opportunity didn’t come up because neither of us was free”confided Stéphane Plaza. We’re not into seduction at alleven if, for fun, we made a series of erotic photos”completed his best friend Karine Le Marchand who added: “I yell at him when he…

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