a terrifying and edgy trailer to ruin our childhood

a terrifying and edgy trailer to ruin our childhood

We all thought it was a bad joke, but in fact no, the slasher with Winnie and Piglet as bloodthirsty killers is revealed in an angry trailer.

Remember, it was 2018 and we were treated to two projects that evoked the world of Winnie and his friends. The first : Goodbye Christopher Robin by Simon Curtis, a biopic about the children’s author who drew his imagination from his son to write the adventures of Winnie and his friends. And the second, on the Disney side, with Jean-Christophe and Winnie by Marc Forster, which followed an adult Jean-Christophe played by Ewan McGregor and a father whose imagination was revived by the return of Winnie and his friends to his life.

If recalling the existence of these two films could evoke to a certain audience tender reminiscencesthe sweet scent of a youth spent alongside Winnie and her friends will be shattered at the sight of the trailer for Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey. Tremble. Here, forget the cute cartoons and leave room for outright horror.

Let’s get into the bacon and see what we find there. In view of what the trailer shows us, we will obviously be dealing with deranged versions of Winnie and Piglet. With humanoid silhouettes and more dressed than usual, they have visibly badly digested their friend’s betrayal. Indeed, we can read thanks to the various intertitles that the poor were abandoned by Jean-Christophe and that they therefore live recluse in the half-light of a dull and (almost) uninhabited forest. So when Jean-Christophe returns home and a group of teenagers decides to venture into the area, the two wild beasts see everything red and take up arms to cut up homo sapiens.

We will be careful not to think we know where the scenario will go, but despite everything, we can ask ourselves what will be the place of Jean-Christophe in this curious enterprise. Do Winnie and Piglet kill humans to purge their vile resentments against the quitter or do they just simply need to feed?

Winnie and Piglet have aged badly

With the synopsis of the film, we can think that two temporalities confront each other in the trailer. Of course, this is to be taken with a grain of salt, but we would have a first arc with Jean-Christophe and his girlfriend with desaturated images and another more colorful with a group of teenage girls prey to the two executioners. It remains to be seen whether the two segments will (or not) come together.

Lots of unanswered questions. But one thing is certain, the trailer reminds us (unfortunately) of a French film released in 2022: Arthur, curse. Curiously, the two films share an amazing similarity. It is about young people who set foot in an environment (ultimately hostile) which cradled the childhood of one or more protagonists and who find themselves threatened by entities from this same universe.

Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey: photoChristine driven by Winnie, here’s the delirium

In the case of the film that interests us, Jean-Christophe wants to find his old friends. However, what he finds instead will motivate him to investigate while the gang of girls would spend happy days not far from here. Mystery, however, if they know where they are setting foot.

It is only to be hoped that Winnie the Pooh don’t be as disappointing as the abominable Arthur, curse. Certainly, we do not expect a great film, however, the company seems to hold the road technically more and seems more generous in hemoglobin than its French consanguineous cousin.

We can therefore always cherish the hope of finding in this film a bloody outlet for purely regressive pleasure. To see only for now, we will have to be content with the trailer since apart from the mention “coming soon” at the end of the trailer, no release date has been announced yet.

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