a YouTuber pranks him and collects a right

a YouTuber pranks him and collects a right

Boosie Badazz is not really a fan of “jokes”. A YouTubeur has just paid the price.

Boosie Badazz and his team are losing patience

Known on YouTube for his “jokes”White Dolemite attempted a prank on Boosie Badazz and his entourage. A courageous experience, the rapper from Baton Rouge being particularly renowned for his strong character. Having invited Lil Nas X to commit suicide – which had obviously earned him some problems -, daring to criticize the musical career of Kanye West, suggesting that the thinness of certain rappers is due to their excessive drug consumption, the interpreter of real shooter don’t back down from anything. And not even to leave his team “take care of” from a YouTuber who tried to “pranks” in a supermarket.

In the video relayed by Dolemite, the YouTuber dressed in a redneck outfit approaches Boosie, asking him to grab him a box of mac and cheese, without failing to call him ” boy “. The term ” boy “ having deep-rooted racial connotations – it was used, among other things, by whites to belittle black men during and after slavery – it will have triggered a dry reaction from Boosie: “Who are you talking to like that? Dude, I’ll kick your ass. »

One of the members of Boosie’s team will pass the stage of threats, to hit Dolemite in the face, before the video cuts out. White Dolemite has built a fanbase on YouTube by making “jokes” of the same ilk, resulting very regularly in tense exchanges.

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