Abbeville: Nothomb, Bussi and Levy are expected at Studio Livres

Abbeville: Nothomb, Bussi and Levy are expected at Studio Livres

From now on, it is Jeanne, her daughter, the manager of a store that employs seven people, who tries to seduce authors through press officers or booksellers. “Everything starts with a detailed inquiry in which I mention our independent bookstore, our team, presented by Jeanne Diot. We also tell them that they have absolute fans here. Don’t hesitate to send an email, to show that we want them to come. I think the decision is made for example after you see our Facebook page, the writers also talk to each other a lot.”

The Livres Studio team is always very happy to welcome authors, regional and national, and this is known: “They are always satisfied with the welcome we give them, says Jeanne Diot. Proof, British author Julia Chapman returns on November 23 from 5-8pm, one year after her first signing session. We create a warm atmosphere for them, we are simple, natural and honest with them. »

Requests are sent several months in advance, even before the release of the desired authors’ future book, to be part of their signing plan: “Authors like to talk, communicate with their readersurs, she says. It is important for them after the writing phase where they are alone, they need that contact, feedback, that is important to them. »

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