Accused of being “stuffed” at the Césars, Vincent Lacoste tells the truth about his speech

Accused of being “stuffed” at the Césars, Vincent Lacoste tells the truth about his speech

The year 2022 will always have a special flavor for Vincent Lacoste. After five nominations, the actor won the first César in his career in February. He was awarded for his performance in the film lost illusions Xavier Giannoli and therefore won the award for the best actor in a supporting role.

However, his trip to the Olympia stage to reclaim his César has some viewers in awe. Faced with Vincent Lacoste’s speech, part of the public began to claim that the actor must have been drunk during the ceremony. Introducing this Wednesday, December 14th on the show As an aside (Canal +), the main interested party came back to this moment and wanted to convey the truth. “I was overjoyed. I don’t know what people think about these pictures. (…) But it shows that I am happy. I was super happy“, he began. Vincent Lacoste then confirms it: he was absolutely not drunk during the César 2022. On the contrary, he even prepared his speech in case he won the award.

Everyone told me: ‘He was drunk, he was something. His speech made no sense. So, absolutely not! Well, I wasn’t drunk. But other than that, my speech was written. This is what can seem absolutely crazy. I wrote that speech. Afterwards, I was a little overwhelmed by emotions. Anyway, I didn’t write the whole speech, I wrote everyone I thank. Casually, deep down I’m still quite a shy person, even if I fight it, and my job has forced me to grow into it. I don’t really like public speaking in front of a lot of people. That’s something that actually worries me.“, he added.

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