Adriana Karembeu in danger, her collaboration with Denis Brogniart about a new show on TF1 could go wrong

Adriana Karembeu in danger, her collaboration with Denis Brogniart about a new show on TF1 could go wrong

Former collaborators of Denis Brogniart say that he is a tyrant. Also, his collaboration with Adriana Karembeu could go wrong.

Adriana Karembeu: an eventful love life

Famous model of Slovak origin, Adriana Karembeu is once again a heart to take. In fact, she separated fromAram Ohanianthe father of her child in December 2022. The Armenian entrepreneur and she have lived an intense love affair since 2014. Also, the attractive blonde had to be sincere in announcing it. On her Instagram account, the beautiful model began by reaffirming her love for her former companion.

She remembers the 12 years they spent together. The greatest gift he gave her: their daughter Nina. Unfortunately, the couple would have made the decision to take separate paths. And the problems are just beginning for the mother. In terms of his career, Denis Brogniart could well put Adriana Karembeu in danger.

Adriana Karembeu in danger: change in her career

Alongside her role as a model, the seductive blonde also leads a life as an actress. Moreover, she manages to reconcile these two activities with her career as a television presenter. Recently, she has just finished filming the last two parts of the TV series “Extraordinary Powers of the Human Body”. This France Television program focuses on the medical field and Adriana Karembeu presented it with the famous doctor Michael Cymes.

But for the beautiful model, it’s time for a change of scenery. As well, TF1 offered him to co-present a program with the iconic Denis Brogniart. A collaboration that the latter did not fail to publish on his Instagram account. However, this cooperation could well put Adriana Karembeu in danger. Indeed, we do not only hear praise for the famous presenter of Koh-Lanta.

This behavior of Denis Brogniart

Denis Brogniart is highlighted in the latest edition of the magazine Here. In its columns, the star presenter of TF1 is presented as a tyrant. But the magazine does not say these words lightly. Indeed, they are accompanied by the testimony of several people. Already, on the set of the program “Le Mag”, Denis Brogniart would have had a difficult behavior.

Moreover, a journalist with whom he worked affirms that this one does not support the co-presentation. When addressing his subordinates, the presenter of Koh-Lanta even had violent behavior. Unfortunately, the Slovak model will be the next to work with him. Let’s hope his behavior will not put Adriana Karembeu in danger.

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