AFRIMA is considering the cancellation of the edition scheduled for Dakar, the State implicated

AFRIMA is considering the cancellation of the edition scheduled for Dakar, the State implicated

There is a good chance that the All Africa Music Awards, called Teranga Edition scheduled for January 12-15, 2023, in Dakar, Senegal, will suffer cancellation following the failure of the government of the host country, Senegal, to honor the agreement and the promises made to the organizers.

The Senegalese government had concluded an agreement which stipulates the government’s commitment to pay 25% of the financial and material resources for the organization of the event while the organizers were to provide 75% of the resources to carry out the project.

This agreement had been reached and assurances given when President Macky Sall met with Executive Producer and President of AFRIMA, Mike Dada at his presidential residence about two months ago in Dakar.

However, the organizers are very disappointed that the government is reluctant to honor its own commitment to the project and cancellation of the event is strongly considered.

A source in one of the ministries supposed to interact with AFRIMA, who requested anonymity, said the organizers were frustrated that they had committed huge material and financial resources to organize a very high level event and which could stimulate the Senegal’s creative economy and its image, while the government remains totally evasive about its commitments and responsibilities.

“The embarrassment that we will create internationally, as the host country, if we allow the organizers of AFRIMA to cancel this event will be considerable,” said our source who works at the Ministry of Tourism.

Another source, who confirmed the information, said that it would be hard to blame the organizers of AFRIMA if the event is canceled as they have demonstrated their commitment to organize the event with the massive awareness raised in the country and around the world and the enormous human and material resources committed to the preparations.

“It is true that our government has not been open about this event. I don’t know why some ministers haven’t done their job, but they should be worried about the international ridicule they are about to expose our country to if they allow this event to be canceled,” the source observes. .

However, sources within AFRIMA said that they are still determined to organize one of the best editions of the awards in Senegal, but their hands are tied as we witness the huge preparations and the coming of members of the team who have been working here for more than 2 months.

The event is scheduled to be held from January 12-15 with the Africa Music Business Summit (AMBS), City Tour, African Music Village and Awards Ceremony being some of the highlights of the event. four days which will be broadcast live across 84 countries around the world.

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