after her poisoning, Jessica Errero appeals for help on social networks

after her poisoning, Jessica Errero appeals for help on social networks

This Friday, December 30, after almost a month of suffering caused by her poisoning in the Philippines, Jessica “Jessy” Errero launched a call for help on TikTok. Indeed, his illness does not lessen.

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It’s in the Marseillais South America that the public discovered Jessica Errero, nicknamed Jessy. After participating in several shows, the young woman withdrew from the world of reality TV for several years. His participation in Fifty broadcast last September has signed its big comeback. This was in particular the opportunity for her to formalize her relationship with Fanny Salvat. A few weeks ago, the two candidates flew to the Philippines to shoot the Apprentice Adventurers 6. But then, nothing went as planned. Valentin Leonard’s ex-girlfriend was poisoned after eating a poisonous plant. As a result, she was repatriated to France.

An evil that does not pass

Almost a month after his poisoning, Jessy Errero is still in the worst possible condition. In fact, it burned his throat. “It’s always difficult for me to speak. I still have extreme pain all along my mouth, at the back of my throat. It’s the same when I swallow under the tongue, the gum (…) I chewed poison”, she said in an Instagram story relayed earlier this week. The companion of Fanny savedon the verge of tears, added: “Psychologically, it’s hard. I’m not going to start crying again in story, I feel like I’ve lost my joy of living. That I’m no longer like before, it makes me drunk”.

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A call for help

Jessy Errero may do all the specialists of Marseille, the evil does not fade. So much so that the beautiful brunette has opted for another solution: ask for help on TikTok. In a video posted this Friday, December 30, she first spoke of her pain and named the poisonous plant she ate, Alocasia Macrorrrhiza (also known as elephant ears): I didn’t eat the leaves, I ate the root and it’s been exactly 25 days. I have like needles on the right side of the tongue. I have a tip that makes me extremely sore throat and puck“. Then, the influencer confided: I don’t know how to treat myself anymore. I’m making this video hoping someone can help me. When you realize that you can’t see the end of the tunnel and that there is no improvement, it’s complicated”. On the side of the poison control center, it had explained that the pain would go away in two weeks. Only here, it doessoon twice as much as I have this pain”, she recalled trembling.

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I have been having excruciating pain in my tongue for 25 days if anyone can help me 🙏🏽

♬ original son – Jessica ERRERO

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