Agen: This Saturday, December 3, the signing of the book “Proud to be Agenais 2”

Agen: This Saturday, December 3, the signing of the book “Proud to be Agenais 2”

From 14:00 to 17:00, Sébastien Bouchereau will sign the second volume of the book Petit Bleu, which brings together archival images.

The book “Proud to be Agenais 2” has been out for three weeks already, and many of our readers already have it in their library. In sales at kiosks, but also in bookstores (Martin-Delbert, Cultura, etc.), it is a great success, such as the first opus published at the end of 2021.

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The book was presented to the readers of Le Petit Bleu in the Martin-Delbert bookstore, where a dedication of the author, Sébastien Bouchereau – editor of Le Petit Bleu, will be held this Saturday, December 3. It will start at 2 p.m., and readers who have already bought the book will be able to bring it to the bookstore with an indication that they already have the book. It will be possible to buy this second volume as well as the first, of which there are still a few (rare) copies left.

Just like last year, this signing will also be an occasion for great meetings, and it will also enable the signing of books that will then be offered for Christmas. Please note that this second book presents 74 documents, the oldest taken at the end of the 19th century and the latest from 1970. We will find scenes from everyday life, with particular emphasis on shops, the canal, sports and leisure (including rugby, of course), the floods of the Garonne, the streets , squares, boulevards of Agena, etc. All these black and white pictures illustrate the life of past times. Presented in a large format, to better enhance their narrative power, these images are not classified in chronological or thematic order – which distinguishes “Proud to be Agenais” from other works about Agenai.

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