Akon supports Kanye West, then backtracks

Akon supports Kanye West, then backtracks

It didn’t take long for Akon to back down. Having initially implied to condone the behavior of Kanye Westmultiplying the slippages for many months, the interpreter of Locked will eventually backpedal.

Akon and his support plus Kanye West

Kanye West Has he definitely become indefensible? The position, rallied by the majority after Ye proclaimed his love for the Nazis and his admiration for Hitler, seems understood. Akon, for his part, will have finally chosen to make things clear, after having initially more or less validated the rapper in turmoil.

However, he recently mentioned that West’s untenable positions were a matter of simple opinion: “I always defend people that no one wants to defend. I will always stand up for Kanye West because I still believe […] that opinions are just opinions. If Ye says something I don’t agree with, I just don’t agree. But I’m not going to get mad and let that affect my energy. »

A few hours later, after having seen his remarks criticized, the veteran will have reconsidered his declarations: “You know, Kanye speaks out every day. You can’t follow every offensive remark he signs. I know him personally. I don’t think he’s doing well right now. Honestly, it’s very irresponsible to interview him […] Anyone who knows me knows me and Kanye are far from the same. We have totally different points of view. I would never, under any circumstances, take the same position as Kanye on this. I wasn’t supporting him. It was people’s opinion and the right to have their own opinion. I didn’t know it was going to be related to something he specifically said. I condemn hate. I condemn hate, period. »

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